Fairfield motorcycle accident

Fairfield Motorcycle Accident

California is motorcycle country. Any rider who have traveled through this state knows this. Fairfield riders have access to the Bay Area, to Napa Valley. East of the Sacramento valley are some of the most impressive mountain vistas in the country. There is quite literally something for everyone to see. Unfortunately, as inviting as the road sounds, California is also one of the most dangerous states for motorcycle riding. In 2013 alone, nearly 12,000 motorcyclists were hurt in an accident. That same year, 463 riders died in their accidents. These crashes can leave a rider crippled for life, struggling to pay expensive hospital bills. Penney and Associates offers Fairfield motorcycle accident victims tough, experienced lawyers who will fight for their fair compensation.

Motorcyclists are at greater risk on the road than car drivers

The features that define the motorcycle experience are also the ones that put the rider at greater risk of physical harm and death. Outside of the protective clothing, the special padding, and a full-protective helmet, the rider has nothing standing between them other threats on the road.

An accident could throw the rider from their bike. By itself, this can be a serious injury event, if not outright fatal. On a crowded freeway, with other cars, SUVs, and big rigs on the road, the consequences are lethal.

Motorcycles are the smallest vehicles on a traffic-filled highway. With the limited vision that many automobiles allow their drivers, a small bike can be easy to miss. A motorcyclist has to be on constant alert for vehicles merging into them, their drivers totally unaware that a rider is only feet or inches away. Unsafe road conditions are also a major hazard on a motorcycle. Rain can limit visibility and make controlling the bike more difficult. Debris that is left on freeways by other accidents can become missiles, launched at random into other vehicles.

Why Fairfield motorcycle accident victims need a lawyer

Motorcyclists are often accused of being reckless. This attitude is widespread, and it even affects how insurance companies go about paying compensation. The conduct and record of a rider faces intense scrutiny in court. Claims adjusters will try to find any possible way to reduce the amount of money paid out. They will look for anything that can be twisted to say that the rider was somehow contributed to the accident.

After a Fairfield motorcycle accident, insurance costs can increase. If you were unfortunate enough to be seriously hurt, you could see massive hospital bills from repeat visits, surgery, and the physical therapy you might require. You may struggle to work and provide for your family as you recover. All this, an unintended consequence of a ride to the Gateway Plaza, or a drive home from Travis AFB.

If you’ve suffered a motorcycle accident, or have lost family to one, contact Penney and Associates right away. With a consultation, we can start the process of getting you and your loved ones a fair settlement and the financial security you deserve.

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