Fairfield swimming pool injury

Fairfield Swimming Pool Injury

Swimming can be done for sport or exercise, or just as a way to relax on a hot summer day. We don’t all have pools in our backyard, but cities like Fairfield provide public pools for everyone. Allan Witt Park has an indoor aquatics center for families, and Travis AFB has a pool for all base residents. Gyms all around the city that also provide pools to allow for training. We expect public and private pools to be safe spaces. However, a pool can be just as dangerous to people as any river. Unsafe pool equipment, inadequate supervision, and even other people can cause serious injury and death. Fairfield swimming pool injury victims can turn to Penney and Associates for legal assistance.

The danger of a Fairfield swimming pool injury

A pool that is improperly maintained can cause injuries even before someone gets in the water. Tripping over equipment that should have been stowed can cause scrapes, sprains, and broken bones. Unsafe behavior by other pool visitors can cause any number of injuries. But there is one danger that stands out: drowning.

Accidental drownings are more common than you’d think. A CDC study from 2005 to 2014 showed that an average of 3500 drownings happened each year. Many people believe that drownings are loud, dramatic events that call attention to themselves. In reality, drowning is called a silent killer. From the moment a victim is actually in distress, they can sink under water in less than a minute. A minute where they may not be able to even call for help.

Lifeguards at a pool are trained to see the initial signs of a drowning, but most people can’t recognize them. The consequences are severe, even before death. The lack of oxygen reaching the brain of a drowning victim can lead to brain damage, a life-changing injury.

What can cause a Fairfield swimming pool injury?

  • Faulty pool equipment, such as damaged diving boards or ladders.
  • Pool equipment out of storage, such as lane dividers.
  • Lack of protective barriers around a public or private pool.
  • The pool, or the staff of the pool failing to meet safety standards.
  • Unsafe diving in shallow water.
  • Mixing alcohol and swimming.
  • Inadequate lifeguard/adult supervision.

Penney and Associates can help personal injury victims reach a fair settlement!

Nobody expects a trip to the pool to end in a potentially fatal accident. Public pools are supposed to have proper supervision and maintenance. Your neighbor’s backyard pool is small, a safe place for the kids. One slip and fall later, one minute without supervision, and tragedy can strike.

Fairfield swimming pool injury victims can suffer life changing consequences, and getting full compensation can be a serious legal challenge. Your insurance company will try to find any information that could imply your own actions in caused the injuries. You could be spending days or weeks recovering from injuries. Your injuries could be something impossible to recover from.

Penney and Associates’ attorneys bring decades of experience with personal injury cases. We understand how a swimming pool injury can change your life. A free consultation with us today can lead to a fair settlement, and financial security for you and your family.

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