Marysville burn injury

Marysville Burn Injury

It’s easy to think of burn injuries being directly related to fire. Fire is a common, and dramatic, cause of burn injuries across the world. However, they are hardly the only cause of a burn injury. Faulty electrical wiring in a home can cause a severe electrical burn. And then there are chemical burns, caused by industrial byproducts. Or we could suffer a burn just from trying to cook up lunch in our own kitchen. No matter how it happens, a burn injury can be very painful. In the worst cases, permanent nerve damage, disfigurement, and even loss of mobility can be the result. Penney and Associates can help Marysville burn injury victims win a fair settlement!

What could be the cause of a Marysville burn injury?

Imagine sitting down for dinner at a restaurant off Featherside Way, when a waitress spills hot coffee on you after slipping on the floor. Accidents happen, and even the most attentive restaurant staff can’t account for every single possible hazard, especially when they are busy.

But sometimes, a burn injury is not “just an accident.” Sometimes, it is the result of negligence. Whether that means electrical wiring that should have been properly maintained, improperly stored chemicals, or an unsafe amateur fireworks display, someone can be held responsible.

Sometimes, this negligence is purely unintentional. A property owner could provide regular maintenance for an apartment complex. They could even be aware of a potential issue that has built up over time, and may have scheduled a repairman to fix the problem. But had they acted sooner, they could have prevented an electrical fire, and the injuries or deaths that could have resulted from it.

But sometimes, negligence is wilful. To save money, at the expense of workers or residents, management could avoid providing proper maintenance or training. Any accidents that do happen on their property or workplace can be directly attributed to their negligence!

Penney and Associates is ready to help Marysville burn injury victims!

With decades of personal injury law experience, and a track record of great success, Penney and Associates is your best bet for a fair settlement. With a free consultation, we can establish the facts of your case, and help you prepare for court.

Your burn injury is a serious matter that may have changed your life permanently, and you deserve fair compensation for your suffering. Call Penney and Associates today, and let our attorneys help you win a proper settlement, and the financial peace of mind you deserve.

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