Marysville Work Injury

Marysville Work Injury

Getting hurt at work costs both the victim and their employer time and money. The worker’s injuries could keep them out of work for weeks and even months while they recover. The employer loses a skilled hand, possibly in a role that can’t easily be filled. Very few people on either side of this equation on this to happen. Fortunately, whether that Marysville work injury happened while working at the Riverfront MX Park, or if it’s a trucking accident on Highway 70, workers’ compensation exists to ensure the employee gets the care they need.

Some companies offer more than what the law provides. Unfortunately, there are some companies that try to limit, or even withhold workers’ compensation. In some cases, an employer will try to intimidate employees with threats of termination if they file a workers’ compensation claim.

California law states that workers have certain rights after a workplace accident. If you are a Marysville work injury victim, and your claims are being challenged, you also have the right to hire a lawyer to represent you in court. Penney and Associates can help you win the settlement you deserve!

Workers compensation in California

After a work injury, you have 30 days to file a claim with the Division of Workers’ Compensation. By law, no employer can prevent this, intimidate you into not filing a claim, or deny medical care after an accident.

Workers’ compensation in California consists of:

  • Temporary/Permanent Disability Benefits – If your injury results in temporary or permanent disability, you can receive compensation.
  • Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits – Should your work injuries make it impossible to continue working in your current capacity, you can be shifted to a new position by your employer.
  • Death Benefits – In the event you are killed in a workplace accident, your family may be eligible to receive compensation.

Penney and Associates can help Marysville work injury victims get fair compensation!

Most employers will not go out of their way to challenge a workers’ compensation claim. A lawyer is still good to have on your side after any worker injury. If your claims are challenged, trying to fight back without experienced legal assistance can be very difficult. You could even see your compensation reduced as a result!

Penney and Associates can help you with the complicated nature of workers’ compensation claims and settlements. We have seen employers try just about everything to contest a claim, right down to blaming the victim for their injuries, or lying about unsafe conditions in the work place.

Here and Penney and Associates, the injured worker comes before the corporations quarterly reports. If your employers is challenging your claims after a Marysville work injury accident, contact us for a consultation. We’ll organize the facts about your case, explain what your best options are, and if the case goes to court, you’ll have an aggressive and knowledgeable attorney on your side. Contact us today, and learn about how we can help you win the settlement you deserve.

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