Riverside burn injury

Riverside Burn Injury

Like any other type of accident, a burn injury can be an unpredictable and potentially fatal event. You could be relaxing at your home on the 4th of July. Suddenly, a firework set off by your neighbors starts a fire that rapidly burns the house down. Riverside county has banned the non-professional use of fireworks across most areas, but that hasn’t stopped these types of accidents from happening. And there are other ways to get burned. Overheated cooking oil is a fire risk; this April 2017 fire could have burned down a Canyon Crest Drive apartment complex without the swift reaction from the fire department. The gasoline in cars can ignite after an accident. And there are other burn injury risks that include industrial chemical spills. Whatever the cause, Riverside burn injury victims can turn to Penney and Associates for legal assistance.

The types of Riverside burn injury

Fireworks have caused fires all over Riverside and the surrounding county. Wildfire are a yearly disaster for Southern California. Kitchen fires are statistically where most burn injuries happen. And there are caustic industrial byproducts that if spilled taint water supplies and cause serious skin burns.

There are four types of burn injuries. Two common burn injuries are thermal and chemical. Thermal burns come from hot liquids and fires. Chemical burns can come from basic household cleaning solutions, and any acidic chemicals.

Electrical burns are very serious injuries that require a doctor to assess. These burns injuries may not even show on the skin, not immediately. However, they can cause serious internal damage. They can come from a traditional power outlet at home, or a live power wire lying across a street.

The last type of burn, radiological, is something most people will never have to worry about. The most common cause of this type of injury is from skin cancer treatments. In a serious radiological burn injury, extensive decontamination is required. There are long-term consequences well after the injury is sustained.

What makes burn injuries so serious?

Depending on the severity of the burn, it is possible to die from these types of injuries due to complications. Even a first degree burn causes serious pain to the affected person. Second and third degree burns can leave disfiguring scars. In the absolute worst cases, skin grafts are required, but the victim could be left with permanent nerve damage and limited mobility.

Why do you need an attorney for a Riverside burn injury?

While it is true that some burns are the result of neglect, some are caused by situations entirely out of our control. Plane crashes, auto accidents, and faulty electrical outlets can lead to burn injury situations. In the worst cases, the victim requires extensive medical care. The cost of long hospital stays can ruin a family financially. Imagine those costs on top of whatever property losses they have suffered.

If your Riverside burn injury was the result of neglect by a third party, or faulty equipment, you could be entitled to compensation. If you or your family have suffered a burn injury in Riverside, contact Penney and Associates. We offer free consultations for personal injury cases. Our attorneys will review all available information about your case, and explain your options.

Don’t suffer in silence. Don’t let insurance companies limit your compensation. Call Penney and Associates today, and let us win you the fair settlement you deserve!

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