Riverside dog bite injury

Riverside Dog Bite Injury

When we think of dogs, we think of loyal companions who share couch and bed space with us. We think of amusing internet videos with dogs making interesting expressions. The image we have of dogs is one of a playful, energetic little beast. A pet that wants nothing more than to play with its owner, and sleep next to them at the end of the day. Of course, not every dog is exactly like this. Unfortunately, not every dog is safe to be around. Seemingly without warning, even dogs that seem obedient and calm can lash out at owners and strangers with equal viciousness. While Riverside has laws intended on controlling vicious dogs, and punishing neglectful owners, the problem remains. Penney and Associates is ready to help Riverside dog bite injury victims, and win them the fair compensation they deserve.

Riverside dog bite injury stories

On July 3, 2016, a retired police dog attacked a 20-year old man. The German shepherd bit him on the left bicep, and then dragged him out into the middle of a street. As the man cried for help, the dog continued to bite him, wounding him along his left leg. Witnesses came to the man’s rescue, some armed with knives. The dog was stabbed multiple times, and eventually captured by authorities. It would be euthanized due to the extent of its own injuries.

In December 2016, a pit bull charged at Barbara Hansen, a college student, as she was walking home from church. She managed to escape without harm. But in January 2017, she suspects the same dog attacked her yet again. It bit her legs, and she fell to the ground, breaking an arm. The dog was surrendered to authorities by its owners to be euthanized.

It is no surprise that in response to these incidents, Riverside has sought ways to limit the dangers posed by potentially vicious dogs. However, these types of injuries will keep happening, especially when owners do not take the correct safety precautions.

Riverside dog bite injury sufferers need experienced legal aid!

Five million Americans suffer a dog bite injury each year, according to the CDC. All of the medical and legal costs of these injuries approaches $1 billion a year. It may be difficult to picture, but dog bite injuries can result in disability and death. Made particularly famous by such attacks are breeds like the German shepherd, and the pit bull. However, these are not the only types of dogs to attack people!

California is a strict liability state. What this means is that the owner of a dog can be held liable for injuries caused by their pets. They can be charged with criminal negligence if they did not take reasonable steps to keep the victim safe, and the dog restrained.

A Riverside dog bite injury sufferer should not hesitate: contact the experienced personal injury lawyers at Penney and Associates. Dog bite cases often involve multiple insurance claims. A claims adjuster is trained to find any way to limit how much compensation is paid to the victim. That’s their job, and if they succeed, you could be left struggling just to pay the medical bills!

Penney and Associates offers free consultation for personal injury cases. Let us review your Riverside dog bite injury incident. It could be the first step to the fair settlement you and your family deserve!

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