Riverside motorcycle accident

Riverside Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycles are big in California, widely considered to be the motorcyclist capital in the US. It’s no surprise that thousands of Riverside residents belong to a variety of clubs all dedicated to this favorite pastime. The State Scenic Highway System has designated State Routes 60 and 91 as part of the system, and Interstate 215 is considered eligible. What this means is that a ride down these freeways is bound to reveal some very nice scenery. Unfortunately, these roads are not the safest places for motorcyclists. Multiple riders have perished on these freeways. Others still have died in the city streets. Penney and Associates offers legal help to Riverside motorcycle accident victims and their families. These tragic events can steal everything away from a promising life. The victims deserve fair compensation, and peace of mind.

The risks of a Riverside motorcycle accident are real!

Motorcycles come with thrills only they can provide. They also come with inherent risks. The bottom line: even with proper helmets and protective clothing, a rider is exposed to danger from any direction. While it is true that some accidents are caused by reckless motorcyclists, this does not describe all riders. Ironically, the greatest threat to a rider is the driver of a truck or SUV who can’t see them. The larger passenger vehicle will likely survive shifting lanes into a motorcycle. The motorcyclist stands a good chance of not surviving.

A husband and wife motorcyclist duo died in September 2016 after their motorcycle plowed into a black SUV. The intersection had no traffic lights, and the motorcyclists and the SUV driver likely did not see eachother until it was far too late. Jack and Annette Howell died on the scene before help could arrive. The 61-year old SUV driver survived.

In October 2016, an SUV exiting a private parking lot cut off a motorcycle traveling down Indiana Avenue, just west of Washington Street. The motorcyclist was sent through the windshield of the SUV, and despite the swift efforts of first responders, Mario Valladares died at age 35.

Penney and Associates is ready to assist Riverside motorcycle accident victims!

In the two example accidents above, the riders were surprised by sudden changes in traffic, and left with little to no time to react. These types of accidents are common. However, motorcyclists are stereotyped as risk takers. Some people assume that a rider caught in an accident was riding recklessly. This perception is shared even by insurance claims adjusters. They will look for any possible way to limit the insurance payout to an accident victim, even as they or their families deal with the aftermath of that accident!

Penney and Associates understands that the deck is stacked against motorcyclists, on and off the road. We have decades of experience representing clients in personal injury cases. We’ve won fair compensation from determined insurance adjusters trying everything at their disposal to paint victims as anything but.

If you’re a Riverside motorcycle accident victim, or are related to one, we want to help you. Contact Penney and Associates today to set up a free consultation. We will review the facts of your case, and help you decide the best course of action. Let us represent you in court, so we can win back the peace of mind that was taken away from you!

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