Riverside slip and fall accident

Riverside Slip and Fall Accident

As with many accidents, a slip and fall can come without warning even when we feel we are at our safest. Half of all deaths at home come from a slip and fall accident, if not from the fall itself, then from the complications that arise. And of course, a Riverside slip and fall accident can happen outside of the home. You could be visiting the Galleria at Tyler on a shopping trip with friends. Suddenly, you slip on a soda spill that hasn’t been properly cleaned up. Or you could working at a local restaurant, when you slip on cooking grease and your head strikes a counter top.

A slip and fall accident can result in life-threatening injuries in some of the worst cases. As the statistics show, a great number of slip and fall accidents do result in death, whether it is at work, out on the town, or at home.

Riverside slip and fall accident victims are not always at fault for their injuries. If that soda spill at the Galleria had been properly marked with a sign, the fall could have been prevented. Had the cooking grease at the restaurant been removed from the floor, that fall would not have happened.

Who is at fault for a slip and fall accident?

It’s important to remember that California is a comparative negligence state. Personal injury cases that result in damages being awarded have those awards adjusted based on the percentage of fault. This is further complicated by the circumstances of the slip and fall.

Riverside slip and fall accidents can be the result of negligence. However, everything within reason could have been done to prevent such an injury. Your injury could have occurred on commercial property, like a shopping center. What if the spill you slipped on was, in fact, properly marked with caution signs? You just didn’t see it, it was a blind corner you walked around. What if the spill had remained unaddressed for hours, despite the clear warning signs?

The major factors to prove in a Riverside slip and fall accident are:

  • The property owner/event organizer directly contributed, or caused the conditions leading to the slip and fall.
  • The property owners/event organizer were aware of the dangers, and did not correct the problem.
  • The victim was not warned by the property owners/event organizers of any dangers on the premises, within reason.
  • The property owner/event organizers should have been aware of the hazard. Therefore, they should have taken all steps, within reason, to correct the problem.

How a personal injury lawyer can help you out

Slip and fall accidents are a common cause of injury at the work place, and at public venues. They are one of the major reason for why workers lose hours on their paycheck every day in the US. Millions of dollars in damages are awarded to victims every year.

Unfortunately, these cases can take a long time to go through court. Property owners and employers will look for any possible way to limit their level of liability. Your own safety record will be called into question, as well as your medical history. They will try their best to establish that your own negligence contributed far more to the accident. Even if they choose to settle out of court, they will try to offer you far less than what your injuries are worth. And while these cases are going through the motions in and out of court, you could be spending weeks, months, or years recovering from the fall.

Penney and Associates offers Riverside slip and fall accident victims the best chance to get fair compensation. We have decades of experience with California personal injury cases. We know what our clients are up against. Our lawyers are aggressive, tough, and have a reputation of success. If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall, contact us for a free consultation. We’ll review the facts surrounding your case, and tell you what your options are.

Don’t let property owners or employers get away with the negligence that caused your injuries. Call Penney and Associates!

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