Riverside swimming pool injury

Riverside Swimming Pool Injury

For Riverside residents looking to cool down as the temps rise, a swimming pool is hard to beat. Whether it’s a private pool, or the one at the local gym, or one of the many public pools in the city, people have options if they want to go swimming. Not only is swimming a great way to relax with friends and family, it’s also great exercise. However, like any sport activity, people need to show some caution around a swimming pool, because serious injury can happen, with very little warning. However, these accidents are not always the fault of the victim. If you’re a Riverside swimming pool injury victim, contact us at Penney and Associates for the legal representation you need!

What are the potential causes of a Riverside swimming pool injury?

From private pools to public ones, swimming pools contain a series of potential hazards in and out of the water. Equipment left unattended, poorly maintained diving boards, even the ground around the pool itself can cause injury before you even enter the water!

Young children, especially from 1 through 4 years of age, are at great risk around a swimming pool. A significant number of deaths at that age are because of drowning at private pools while unattended. Statistically, over 3000 people every year die of drowning, according to the CDC. While many pool owners are urged to place child-proof fences and security around a pool, most do not.

Even with supervision from lifeguards or attendant pool owners, drownings often happen anyone before notices, even just mere feet away from able rescuers. By the time help arrives, it potentially is too late to prevent brain injury, or death. Even enthusiastic and strong swimmers of any age can find themselves in trouble for any number of reasons, in and out of the water.

Because there are so many factors involved with any Riverside swimming pool injury, you need smart and aggressive legal representation.

Contact Penney and Associates for a free personal injury case consultation!

Swimming pool injuries are no joke. You could be left with serious brain damage after surviving a drowning, something that stays with you for the rest of your life. Broken bones and other serious injuries can be the result of faulty pool equipment, or inadequate supervision. The recklessness of other swimmers could also be the cause of your injury.

If you’re a Riverside swimming pool injury victim, or the relative of one, get as much information about the accident as possible. Talk to witnesses, get contact information, and get a police report as soon as possible. Once you have the information you need, contact Penney and Associates as soon as possible. The sooner the better; as time passes, the recollection that you and others have about the incident can fade.

Don’t let pool owners get away with faulty equipment, or poor supervision contributing to your injuries! Contact us today, and let our experienced legal team fight for the fair compensation you and your family deserve.

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