Riverside work injury

Riverside Work Injury

It’s called ‘work’ for a reason. Every day, millions of Californians go to work to ensure the sixth-largest economy in the world continues to prosper. From fast food restaurants, to road and building construction, people go to work. Inevitably, accidents do happen on the job no matter where you go. A Riverside gardener working on shrubbery outside of the Riverside Plaza shopping center could strain their back while pruning. A postal deliveryman carrying a heavy package onto the Riverside University campus loses control of the package, and it lands on his foot, breaking a toe. As with any city and any job, a Riverside work injury can happen at any time.

California law specifies that employers are to provide a measure of workers’ compensation in the event of on-the-job injuries and deaths. Unfortunately for workers, employers will do everything they can to limit the compensation provided. This includes thoroughly reviewing an employee’s history to try and claim that the employee is ‘accident prone’, if not wholly responsible for their injury.

Why you should get a lawyer for a Riverside work injury

A lawsuit is not always possible against an employer directly. However, individuals who could be held liable for the injury can be sued if it can be proven that they are responsible.

The best reason to get a lawyer for a work injury is to ensure that you receive fair compensation. If, after negotiations, you cannot come to an agreement with your employer, the case will go before a workers’ compensation judge. Cases that go to this length can take anywhere from days to even years to fully settle.

Some disputes begin almost immediately upon employment, before any injuries. It is common to hear stories about seasonal employees being threatened with immediate termination if they get hurt on the job. These employers state that this is proof that an individual is ‘accident prone’, a liability they do not wish to deal with. Even if the injuries are clearly not the victim’s fault. They seek to create a culture of fear among new hires, which prevents them from reporting ‘minor’ injuries, or worse.

In more extreme cases, some employers try to claim that an injured worker is not allowed immediate medical attention. This is again done with seasonal hires, who oftentimes do not even get offered medical insurance until some time passes after they become regular employees. California law says otherwise: injured workers have the legal right to receive immediate medical attention, even if they are uninsured.

It’s issues like these that make contacting a lawyer the right call for any Riverside work injury sufferer.

Penney and Associates has the experience to win the compensation you deserve!

Over the decades our attorneys have served the law in California, we have seen employers try just about every possible legal method to limit workers’ compensation. They do this often in complete disregard of the pain and financial stress the victims and their families are experiencing. We’ve taken on employers like this, and we’ve won.

Riverside work injury victims do not have to allow employers to get away with limiting workers’ compensation with any excuses they can find. Contact Penney and Associates for a free consultation, and fight back to get the fair settlement you deserve!

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