rocklin motorcycle accident

Rocklin Motorcycle Accident

The city of Rocklin is located in beautiful Placer County which is approximately 22 miles from the busy city of Sacramento, and only 100 miles from Napa Valley, Lake Tahoe and San Francisco. This is a popular area that motorcyclists love to ride through as they explore the sites and enjoy the beautiful weather. Rocklin city is intersected by Interstate 80 and Highway 65 and is one of the fastest growing cities in California.

Rocklin motorcycle accidents are often serious and require expensive medical transport, subsequent care and a lengthy recovery period. Rocklin accident cases carry the same risk of serious injury that many busy cities in California carry. While car accidents are more common, motorcycle accidents statistically carry a higher risk of incurring catastrophic injuries and even fatalities. The higher risk of catastrophic injury is due in part to the limited amount of protection that motorcycle riders (and possible passengers) experience when they are involved in a crash that involves a larger vehicle. The recent increase of SUV purchases in the state of California also increases the probability that a motorcycle driver could be involved in an accident with an SUV which is a heavy vehicle. This increases the motorcycle driver’s risk for serious injury.

While a Rocklin motorcycle accident tends to create less property damage, it typically creates larger medical expenses. A Rocklin motorcycle accident can also incur a number of legal complications pertaining to jurisdiction boundaries between the California Highway Patrol, Placer County Sheriff’s Department, and the Rocklin Police. For example, whose jurisdiction would the accident fall under if the motorcycle driver is from San Francisco, the automobile operator from Rocklin, and the accident occurs at the I-80W/CA-65N junction? This could affect the decision of which court the case is filed and could subsequently affect other aspects of the lawsuit. Complications, such as this, require the knowledge and experienced skill that only a professional Rocklin motorcycle accident lawyer can provide.

When a driver or passenger chooses to go into court for a case pertaining to a Rocklin motorcycle accident without legal representation, they are placing themselves at the mercy of the insurance company to provide them with adequate compensation. Sadly, the adjuster who represents the insurance company has been trained to provide injured drivers with as little compensation as possible. They can’t assist you in addressing all of the expenses that you have experienced from the accident, and they can’t assist you in proving that you are entitled to compensation for loss of work, etc. You will stand alone and fight alone for the compensation that you deserve and that you may need in order to resume daily life, pay for medical expenses and to pay bills that have fallen behind due to your temporary inability to work.

Having a Rocklin accident attorney fight for you ensures that you will receive the largest financial compensation possible, and your lawyer will hold the insurance company properly accountable. When you decide on an attorney to represent your Rocklin motorcycle accident case, be certain that they have ample experience in representing cases in the Rocklin, California area.

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