roseville workers compensation

Roseville Workers Compensation

Workplace hazards are everywhere. Even in the most well maintained, well regulated work spaces accidents happen. When these accidents strike, often workers can be injured. Imagine this has happened to you, now what happens? Who do you call? What will you do if you are unable to work? Generally the process is supposed to work smoothly, but sometimes problems arise. Before and during the Industrial Revolution workers had no way to protect themselves when they were injured on the job. In 1911 laws began to be created insuring workers were taken care of if injured, and their families were compensated if a worker was killed on the job. Today, Roseville workers compensation has been streamlined in order to better care for injured workers.

When should a claim be filed?

Whenever there is an injury in the workplace or during time when the employee is on the clock, the employee’s supervisor should be notified immediately. The absolute first and most important step to take is to ensure the employee receives any medical attention required. If all that is required is simple first aid a claim is not necessary. If the injury requires medical attention by a doctor then a claim form is required. Depending on the urgency of the injury the claim form may be filled out either before or after the employee seeks medical treatment.

What is covered?

Roseville workers compensation is meant to ensure that workers will not be negatively affected if they are injured on the job. All medical expenses should be paid for. Fault does not play into whether an employee is compensated or not. If an injury inhibits ability to work employees should be entitled to temporary disability. This covers pay lost during time when the employee is unable to work due to a workplace injury. Some accidents may leave workers limited or unable to work permanently. If this occurs you qualify for permanent disability. In the very disastrous event of an employees death, Roseville workers compensation should pay that employee’s dependents at the same rate as temporary disability as well as providing a burial allowance.

When do you need a lawyer?

There are several cases in which an attorney’s aid proves invaluable during a worker’s compensation case. The following are instances in which an attorney should be called:

  • Surgery is required
  • You and/or your doctor believe you may qualify for permanent disability
  • Due to your injury you feel you need to find different employment
  • You wish to file an appeal
  • Medical compensation is being denied
  • There is any form of retaliation from your employer for filing for worker’s compensation
  • You feel you may need help with the process or feel you are being inadequately compensated

Having representation in these cases greatly increases your chances of being properly compensated for your injuries and loss of income. There is no fee for a consultation with Roseville workers compensation attorneys. Beyond the initial consultation any other fees incurred will be deducted from the end settlement and not be charged in advance.

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