San Francisco burn injury

San Francisco Burn Injury

A burn injury is one of the more painful injuries a person can experience. They may result in life-long chronic pain and scarring. In the worst cases a victim could lose the use of limbs from nerve damage. We often read about burn injuries from large fires, such as Oakland’s 2016 Ghost Ship fire. While fires are very dramatic causes of burns, they are far from the only source. Wiring in old buildings that are not up to code may cause serious electrical burns. Caustic chemicals used for industrial purposes may also produce severe burn injuries. The potential causes of a San Francisco burn injury are everywhere, and the victims are not always at fault. Penney and Associates is ready and able to provide the legal assistance they need.

What could lead to a San Francisco burn injury?

A burn may be the result of a legitimate accident. Minor burn injuries happen in household and restaurant kitchens all the time. Poor road conditions could cause a tanker truck to flip onto its side, rupture, and ignite the gasoline inside. A student in college lab could burn themselves during an experiment.

But sometimes, neglect on the part of property managers and event promoters lead to unsafe conditions that are just waiting for the right spark. The Oakland Ghost Ship fire of December 2016 killed 36 people. A criminal investigation into the fire discovered troubling instances of neglect. The warehouse was known to be suffering electrical problems. The building was built in 1930, and was under investigation by the Oakland Planning and Building Department for multiple deficiencies. There were no fire sprinklers, no smoke detectors, and poorly marked emergency exits.

Another, more recent fire in Oakland tore through an apartment complex in March 2017. Conditions of the building were described in detail by former residents. Water leaking through the building was a regular occurrence. Electrical wiring was exposed to the elements. An inspection three days before the fire revealed a lack of smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and a faulty sprinkler system.

A San Francisco burn injury could be the result of an honest accident, at work, out on the town, or at home. However, it only takes a few minutes to find dozens of stories where neglect contributed to unsafe conditions where burns or worse could occur.

San Francisco burn injury victims can rely on Penney and Associates

Imagine a lunch at your favorite restaurant near Fisherman’s Wharf, interrupted when overly hot coffee is spilled onto your lap by a waiter. Or dancing in one of the many nightclubs near South Beach and the Financial District, when an unsafe pyrotechnics display starts a catastrophic fire. These are massively disruptive events, and the burns you possibly sustain could take anywhere from days to months to recover from. The absolute worst case scenario is that you could die. And in either case, the financial burdens on you and your family are devastating. Medical bills and insurance costs are enough to cost a family a home.

Penney and Associates can help San Francisco burn injury victims get the fair compensation they deserve. With a free consultation, we will review the facts surrounding your case. Our lawyers have decades of experience with personal injury lawsuits, and that experience is filled with success.

Don’t let insurance claims adjusters tell you that your San Francisco burn injury is worth less than it actually is. The neglect of others could be responsible for a debilitating injury. Call Penney and Associates today, and let us fight for the financial comfort and security you deserve.

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