San Francisco dog bite injury

San Francisco Dog Bite Injury

It’s a sad truth that even the most beloved pet dog can bite someone. Nobody wants to believe their pets could hurt someone. However, even the most loyal and friendly dog could suddenly bite. And sometimes, the reason that dog bite happened is because the dog was improperly treated or trained by the owner. Dog bite injuries in California are an ongoing concern, and the Bay Area is no exception. A dog bite incident is legally complex, and such cases can drag on in court for weeks or even months after your injuries heal. Penney and Associates is ready to help San Francisco dog bite injury victims get the fair compensation they deserve.

What are the dangers of a San Francisco dog bite injury?

The average home owner generally ensures that their dogs have gotten their shots. They are kept clean, and live in sanitary conditions. However, as the homeless population in San Francisco increases, many of these people acquire dogs. These dogs are used as a form of protection and security, and they may not be as sanitary or healthy.

In extreme cases, dog bites may cause severe lacerations of the skin and deep puncture wounds. If the dog is carrying disease or dangerous bacteria, the wounds could be infected. In the worst cases, the wounds are so extensive that reconstructive surgery may be necessary.

Why do dogs bite?

The question that may be asked after a San Francisco dog bite injury is “Why?” In reality, there is no definitive reason. Every dog bite injury is possible the result of many different things.

Many owners believe their dogs are incapable of causing serious harm to others. Some also believe that their small dog would be too afraid to bite anyone, even a child. However, size or breed is not the only factor to consider. The dog may have been reacting defensively versus a stranger. Or perhaps the dog was startled. In more grim examples, the dog may have been bred for aggression, or turned aggressive by malicious owners.

Why you need a lawyer for a San Francisco dog bite injury

A dog bite can be more than a traumatic injury to recover from. People have died after severe dog bite injuries. In 2001, a woman was killed by two aggressive dogs in an East Bay apartment complex. She’d been stripped almost fully naked during the attack, covered in bite injuries including a mortal wound to her neck.

February, 2017. A dog in Concord was shot to death after aggressively confronting police officers. They were responding to an incident where the dog had attacked a 10-month-old baby boy. The dog was claimed to have never shown violent tendencies before this.

Almost five million Americans suffer a dog bite each year, per the CDC. These injuries often involve multiple insurance claims, and going to court without a lawyer experienced in these cases could result in a less than fair settlement. Penney and Associates is ready to help all San Francisco dog bite injury victims get the compensation they deserve. Our attorneys offer a free consultation to review the facts of your case. We know how frightening a dog attack can be. For some victims, even after the injuries heal they could be left with horrific memories of the attack itself. In extreme cases, PTSD haunts a victim for years and even decades.

Call Penney and Associates to day. Hold the owners of the dangerous dogs accountable, and get the settlement that you and your loved ones deserve!

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