San Francisco motorcycle accident

San Francisco Motorcycle Accident

There is no denying that California is perfect for a good motorcycle ride. The Bay Area and the surrounding regions are well known for their scenic roads for tourists and motorcycle enthusiasts. Many riders also choose their bikes over cars and public transit to commute to and from work in San Francisco. Unfortunately, California is statistically one of the most dangerous states for motorcyclists. Many riders have been injured and killed in a San Francisco motorcycle accident.

Some people assume that motorcyclists are all risk takers, and they also believe that the rider is responsible for their accidents. Penney and Associates understands that this is little more than a stereotype. We’ve shown in court that other drivers are often times one of the greatest risks that any motorcyclist faces. If you are a San Francisco motorcycle accident victim, you can trust the attorneys at Penney and Associates to fight for the fair settlement you deserve.

The dangers to motorcyclists

2015 was a tough year for motorcycle enthusiasts. Nearly 5000 people were killed in motorcycle accidents nationwide. 88,000 thousand riders were injured.

One thing car and truck drivers rarely appreciate is how little protection is available to a motorcyclist. Even with protective pads, clothing, and helmets, any accident is potentially catastrophic. A rider must be constantly aware of their surroundings, especially when passing any other drivers on the road. A single moment in any vehicle’s blind spot is a moment where that driver may decide to just change lanes. Or possibly make a sudden turn directly in front of an oncoming motorcycle. Often this occurs without that driver taking any extra precautions to ensure there isn’t another car or motorcycle in the way.

The danger presented by other vehicles on the road isn’t all a rider must be wary of. San Francisco’s drivers and motorcyclists must deal with the fog. Limited visibility is a major contributor to many accidents. Other San Francisco motorcycle accident injuries and deaths have occurred because of the road conditions themselves. A sudden loss of control due to oil-slick roads, debris, or an unexpected bump or pothole can easily send a rider into oncoming traffic.

San Francisco motorcycle accident victims can rely on Penney and Associates!

Not every motorcyclist is a riding a super-sport bike to the absolute limits on public roads. Like many people, they are either commuting to and from work. They use the same roads and highways that SUVs, sports cars, and big rigs. Perhaps they’re just out for a casual ride, when suddenly their lives are interrupted by an accident.

A San Francisco motorcycle accident survivor can expect other drivers and insurance companies to do their best to relieve themselves of any responsibility. Claims adjusters will look for any way to implicate your own actions as the cause for your injuries. They want to save their insurance company money first and foremost. And while you are dealing with this, you could be spending weeks or months recovering from your accident. The medical costs can be staggering, especially after lengthy hospital stays. You may be left with reminders of your ordeal, ones that will challenge you for the rest of your life.

Penney and Associates offers free consultations to San Francisco motorcycle accident victims and their families. Our experienced attorneys will review every possible bit of information in your case, and discuss your available options. We’ve served the people and the law for decades, and we are ready to fight for your fair compensation. Don’t let insurance companies and other reckless drivers take advantage of you, call Penney and Associates today!

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