San Francisco swimming pool injury

San Francisco Swimming Pool Injury

Swimming pools are a great way to relax during the summer. We use them for recreation, and we use them for sports. After a long day at work, some relaxation at poolside seems like a perfectly harmless thing to engage in. Yet many people remain unaware of how dangerous a pool can be. Accidents do happen. Whether they are caused by a reckless activity, or unsafe conditions, serious harm and even death are a possibility at a pool. However, these terrible accidents are not always the victim’s fault. If you’re a San Francisco swimming pool injury victim, you may need serious legal assistance; Penney and Associates is one of the most experienced teams of personal injury lawyers in California.

What factors lead into a San Francisco swimming pool injury?

The water isn’t the only hazard about a public or private swimming pool. Other swimmers, poorly maintained equipment, or a lack of safety measures are just as dangerous. There’s a potential for injury before you even enter the water!

One of the greatest threats to anyone near pool is that of drowning. On average, ten Americans die each day from drowning. It is a swift and silent killer, and 20 percent of the victims are age 14 and younger. It takes only 1/2 a cup of water in the lungs to induce drowning, and a victim could be dead in under two minutes. Many of these deaths could be prevented with proper supervision from lifeguards. Others could have been prevented simply by denying access to the pool without supervision.

A disturbing trend in drownings has involved very young children gaining access to pools without adult supervision present. Even with safety fences around the pool, there is no guarantee that a small child will not find their way into the pool—and extreme danger.

In some incidents, others were present to witness the child in distress. However, by the time they were pulled out of the water, they were already near death.

Who is responsible for a San Francisco swimming pool injury?

There are expectations that public pools have upon them. Warning signs should be clear and visible. Qualified lifeguards must be present and attentive during operating hours. All equipment used in and around the pool should be in good order. First aid must be readily available. Private pools are expected to be secured, to prevent children or strangers from wandering in them. Alcohol is heavily discouraged near water, and disallowed at public pools.

However, sometimes these preventative measures aren’t properly implemented, if at all. And all it takes is a minute of struggle in the water for irreparable harm to be done. However, many times victims are scrutinized for their conduct by public pool operators, and private pool owners. Claims of negligence are often met with counterclaims of unsafe conduct around the pool.

These cases can drag on, and the victims will still be dealing with potentially life-altering effect from their injuries.

Penney and Associates is here to help!

A San Francisco swimming pool injury is a serious matter. The victims of these events could suffer from their injuries for the rest of their lives. In the worst cases, they leave behind loved ones, struggling financially in their absence. Penney and Associates specializes in personal injury cases. Our attorneys combine decades of experience and legal knowledge in pursuing these cases to successful conclusion. If you’ve suffered a swimming pool injury, you can count on Penney and Associates to hear your case in full. We will go over the facts as thoroughly as possible to help you through this trying time. We are here to win you fair compensation for you and your loved ones.

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