San Francisco work injury

San Francisco Work Injury

A workplace injury costs workers and business time and money. The company loses a skilled worker until they are cleared to work again. The worker must deal with the injury themselves, and the financial costs associated with losing hours at work. Some companies offer additional compensation beyond what is required by California law, and others do not. In a city like San Francisco, a work injury could be as simple as getting a minor burn at a kitchen in Pier 39. It can also be as dramatic as two construction workers falling from a partially collapsing building in Menlo Park. San Francisco work injury victims are covered by California law, and can expect medical care regardless of whether or not they have insurance.

However, some employers have tried to withhold this care. Some have tried to use a workplace injury as grounds for firing. Others claim that the employee themselves was the cause of their own injury regardless of the actual circumstances.

While the law is designed to protect workers, employers are not always interested in those protections. San Francisco work injury victims can call Penney and Associates for a free consultation.

What the law guarantees after a work injury

California law ensures that any San Francisco work injury victims are able to receive medical assistance, regardless of their insurance status. No employer can legally deny an employee medical assistance for any injury that occurs at the workplace. A work injury must be reported within 30 days of happening. Then, a claim must be filed to the Division of Worker’s Compensation.

Worker’s compensation includes:

  • Temporary/Permanent Disability Benefits – Temporary or permanent disability from a work injury may result in benefits.
  • Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits – In the event you are unable to perform your current job, an alternative position may be arranged.
  • Death Benefits – If you die due to a workplace injury, your family could receive compensation in turn.

Why San Francisco work injury victims need a lawyer

Not all employers are going to challenge a work injury claim. However, a lawyer is still a good asset in any workplace injury situation. In the event your claim does get challenged, Penney and Associates attorneys will help you through the process. If the case must be taken to court, you’ll have one of the best legal teams in the state at your side. We believe that getting the benefits and the compensation you need goes well before the corporate bottom line.

Some employers will go out of their way to limit the level of compensation paid to work injury victims. Penney and Associates lawyers have challenged companies who have fired workers for getting hurt on the job. We’ve seen some employers lie about unsafe conditions at the workplace that led to serious injury accidents. There is no reason for any San Francisco work injury victim to accept this level of mistreatment.

Call Penney and Associates today about your work injury. With a free consultation, we can start you on the path towards the benefits required by law, and the compensation you deserve!

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