Santa Rosa burn injury

Santa Rosa Burn Injury

It’s almost inevitable that at some point, we will experience a burn injury of some kind. Maybe we spend too much time in the sun, or perhaps we get a small burn while boiling some water in the kitchen. Most of the time, these burns are small accidents, and most people tend to associate serious burn injury with large fires. But sometimes, it’s not just an accident. Negligent storage or handling of chemicals could allow caustic industrial byproducts to splash onto your skin. A defective power socket may cause a serious electrical burn. Penney and Associates is ready to help you get the compensation you deserve after a Santa Rosa burn injury!

Why you need a Santa Rosa burn injury attorney

Accidents can happen at any time. A hot cup of coffee might accidentally tip over as the restaurant worker hands it over, potentially leading to serious burns. Your hand slips on a greasy pot-handle at work, right onto the hot stove.

Some burn injuries are the result of negligence. You can follow all the rules of your job. You can drive safely on the freeway. You can’t guarantee that everyone else is just as careful! Whether it’s electrical wiring on a machine, or chemicals that need to be stores in a specific fashion, if safety is ignored, that is negligence. A business or facility manager could be held liable for personal injuries that happen on their property!

There are some occasions where this negligence is purely unintentional. For example, a problem that may lead to a Santa Rosa burn injury may be documented by a property owner. They might have people scheduled to come and fix the problem, but an accident beat them to the punch. If they’d acted sooner, with more urgency, they could have prevented your injury altogether.

There are cases of negligence where it is done on purpose, to save money or cut corners at the potential expense of customer or employee safety. This could be a lack of training on how to properly deal with new chemicals, or simply refusing to provide proper maintenance to a property.

Penney and Associates is ready to help

Burn injuries are some of the most painful experiences we can have. It can take weeks, even months to recover from serious burns. In the worst cases, surgeries may be required for complete recovery. You maybe entitled to compensation.

Unfortunately, insurance companies, claims adjusters, and even those who may be held liable are all working against you. Insurance companies may seek to limit your compensation. A business or property owner may try to place the blame for the accident all on you. All this while you deal with the recovery from a painful trauma.

Penney and Associates has provided legal assistance with personal injury cases in California for years. Our attorneys are experienced and tough, never backing down from any legal challenge to ensure our clients get the fair settlement they deserve. We have a track record of success to prove it. Contact us today for a free consultation, and let us help you win back your peace of mind.

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