Santa Rosa dog bite injury

Santa Rosa Dog Bite Injury

A dog is a best friend and a member of a family. When someone close to us hurts someone, it’s understandable to deny that it happened. Nobody wants to think that our pet dogs could seriously hurt or even kill someone. Unfortunately, dog bites happen to almost five million Americans every year. We often see specific breeds, such as the pitbull, as the attackers in most of these incidents. The reality is that any dog can lash out and bite someone. A Santa Rosa dog bite injury incident can be the result of a wide variety of factors. Some of these cases can take weeks to resolve, sometimes months. To make sure you get the best settlement possible, you can contact Penney and Associates for expert legal assistance.

What could cause a Santa Rosa dog bite injury?

Ideally, owners treat their pet dogs well, train them to be obedient, and know when to keep them under control. While 5 million dog bites a year does sound terrifying, the reality is that most domestic dogs of all breeds do not attack strangers or family members.

There are always exceptions. In 2016, Sonoma County alone reported 875 dog bite injuries.

Many dog owners will say that their dog could never be aggressive, and would never bite. Often that is part of their defense. However, even small dogs can become aggressive, and many of dog bites reported each year are in fact from small breeds that people believe to be harmless. It could be part of their upbringing, it could be the breed itself. Or perhaps the dog got defensive around a stranger, and attacked only because it thought it was defending the owner.

The USPS mail carrier is often a target for many dog attacks. In 2016, 6755 post office workers were attacked by dogs while on the job. And as the service expands where it delivers in the US each year, these workers will eventually encounter dogs who are not necessarily aggressive, but are not used to the new face walking through their neighborhood.

Santa Rosa dog bite injury victims can turn to Penney and Associates!

With any dog bite, there is a chance of infection. Some dog bites are more dangerous, more brutal than others. The pitbull is famous for its jaw strength, and in groups they can easily maul and kill children. However, even big ‘gentle giants’ like the Great Dane can be just as dangerous: a Petaluma Great Dane was put down in Feburary 2017, after it ran down a postal worker, knocking her to the ground. It took multiple bites at the victim’s face before its owner managed to pull the dog away.

Serious dog bites often require stitches, and possibly even surgery to repair the damage done. The medical bills for a vicious attack, coupled with the recovery time required, can be devastating to a victim or their family.

If you are the victim of a Santa Rosa dog bite injury, Penney and Associates is here to help. Our firm has offered experienced legal assistance for personal injury cases across all of California. We know dog bite law, and more importantly, we understand what our clients may be going through after such a traumatic incident.

Contact us today for a free personal injury consultation. We’ll set up a meeting at your convenience, help determine all the facts about your case, and fully explain your options. Our attorneys will help walk you through the process of filing a claim, represent you in court if need be, and be on hand to answer and questions or concerns you have about dog bite law.

A dog bite is a serious injury, one that you may be entitled to a fair settlement for. Call Penney and Associates today, and let us help you get that settlement, and the peace of mind you and your loved ones deserve!

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