Santa Rosa Slip and Fall Accident

Santa Rosa Slip and Fall Accident

We’ve all had a scare or two in our own homes, slipping on a wet tile floor, or perhaps even during a shower. A slip and fall accident can take anyone of any age by complete surprise. They can happen in the comfort of our homes, while at work, or while we’re trying to enjoy a day out at a shopping center. A fall is the most common reason for emergency room visit, accounting for 21.3% of all hospital visits, 8 million, in the US each year. The slip and fall accident is 12 percent of all fall-related hospital visits. While it is true that these accidents may be the fault of no one in particular, that’s not always the case. Penney and Associates can help Santa Rosa slip and fall accident victims win a fair settlement for their injuries.

Negligence could be the cause of your Santa Rosa slip and fall accident!

Property owners, businesses, event managers, all have a certain level of responsibility to people visiting their locations. Whether that means regular upkeep of a property to remove slip and fall hazards, or a shop manager ensuring that liquid spills are dealt with correctly, safety must be a priority. It doesn’t just affect customers or visitors to a location, it affects the people working there.

Negligence could be something as simply as failing to properly place signs around a potential hazard. If water is leaking from a pipe and creating a puddle, failing to get it fixed could be considered negligence. It could also be considered negligence if an employer fails to train his workers on how to handle potential slip and fall hazards.

If you are a Santa Rosa slip and fall accident victim, its important to try and remember the circumstances surrounding the accident. The people who could be held liable will have their own explanations for how it could have happened, and they may even try to pin the blame on you!

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Everyone knows that accidents happen, even despite the best intentions of everyone involved. Sometimes, they happen outside of anyone’s reasonable ability to control. But the key word here is ‘reasonable’. Was everything that could reasonable be expected to be done about hazards done at all?

A slip and fall doesn’t always just result in a bruise that goes away in a few days. Bones can be broken, and even worse depending on the setting. For the elderly, a slip and fall accident could be life-threatening; broken hips are difficult to heal, and replacement surgery is not always a guaranteed success. A Santa Rosa slip and fall accident can become very expensive to deal with, and it may not even be your fault!

Penney and Associates specializes in personal injury cases. Our attorneys have decades of experience with slip and fall accidents. Whether your case goes to trial, or is settled out of court, you can count on our team to see it through to fair compensation.

If you or a family member has been affected by a Santa Rosa slip and fall accident, contact us right away for free consultation. We can help you organize the information you have, establish the facts about your claim, and explain what your best options are. Penney and Associates has helped Californians with personal injury claims for years, and we look forward to helping you with yours!

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