Santa Rosa swimming pool injury

Santa Rosa Swimming Pool Injury

Swimming is great exercise. Whether you’re just diving into the pool in your own backyard for fun, or taking laps at the Ridgway Swim Center, you can stay cool and work on staying in shape. We tend to think that most private pools are safe. Public pools are supposed to be properly maintained, have lifeguards on duty to assist swimmers in distress. Sadly, accidents still happen. Drowning is an ever-present threat in the water, and there are other dangers to be aware of. With the right precautions, a Santa Rosa swimming pool injury is quite preventable, but the burden is on the pool’s owner or management to ensure those things are in place.

If you’ve suffered from an injury in a swimming pool, private or public, you may be entitled to compensation! Penney and Associates is ready to help all Santa Rosa residents with their personal injury cases.

What could cause a Santa Rosa swimming pool injury?

Many swimming pool injuries can happen outside of the water. Improperly stored equipment, or neglected walkways around the pool can present a serious tripping hazard. And of course, some injuries are the result of a complete accident, such as slipping on wet surfaces near the pools edge.

The real danger around water is drowning. According to the CDC, an average of around 3500 drownings occur each year. Almost ten people die each day from drowning, two of whom are 14 or younger. Drowning can happen to weak and inexperienced swimmers, but even strong and healthy individuals can drown with very little warning. Called ‘the silent killer’, a drowning event happens very quickly, and oftentimes the victim isn’t able to call for help.

Lifeguard supervision at public pools is expected, but they aren’t foolproof, and are very human. It isn’t easy for someone to keep track of hundreds of visitors all at once. And if they are distracted, it’s all but impossible. A person can drown within two minutes. An accident on the diving boards can happen just as a lifeguard looks away to scan the rest of the crowd.

With private pools, safety is on the owner of the pool. Child-proof fences and locks are required in order to keep unsupervised children from gaining access. Alcohol, while not completely prohibited in a private setting, is strongly discouraged. At least one person should be supervising the swimmers at a private pool, in order to ensure the safety of everyone.

Santa Rosa swimming pool injury victims can turn to Penney and Associates for assistance!

Getting injured at a swimming pool can be a traumatic, life-changing event. Drowning victims can suffer permanent brain damage, if they survive. And there are multiple ways to get hurt even before you take a dip in the water.

However, making a claim for compensation after a Santa Rosa swimming pool injury can be a big challenge. Insurance claims adjusters will focus on your conduct in and around the pool, and anything they can use to limit your claim will be used against you. Pool management will try to claim they had everything under control, and that all reasonable precautions were taken. Meanwhile, you’re dealing with your own medical bills, and you could be out of work for days or even weeks.

The attorneys of Penney and Associates have seen it all when it comes to personal injury claims. With decades of experience, we’ve won thousands of clients the fair settlements they deserve. Contact us today for a free personal injury consultation. We can help you and your family win a fair settlement!

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