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About Stockton, CA

Stockton is located at the start of a navigable channel, few kilometres east of San Joaquin River, roughly 90 miles central from San Francisco Bay. Until now, the city has continued to serve as a key shipping point for most of manufactured products and agricultural of Northern California. Charles Weber, a German immigrant after acquiring over 48,000 acres in the area, founded Stockon in 1849.

Several names such as Gas City, Tuleburg, and Mudville ascribe to Stockton. The city is named after Robert Stockton, a navy officer who drove out Mexican troops out of California during the 1840’s. Stockton was officially integrated on July 23, 1850 becoming the first city in California to be named neither from a Native American nor a Spanish name. State of California gave Stockton’s charter from 1851. Stockton developed to the fourth largest urban in California in 1854.

Currently, Stockton has a population of 286,000.  Since its beginning, Stockton has been ethnically and culturally diverse including a large Mexican, Chinese, Filipino and Japanese population. Mexicans and Chinese make up the earlier ethnic groups.

Since 1923, Stockon has been home to University of the Pacific. Today, it is the 63rd biggest city in the United States. The city continuously celebrates ethnic festivals due to the diverse ethnic community.

Understanding the role of personal injury attorney

Personal injury law is designed to protect you in case you are injured or your property is damaged due to someone else’s action or failure to act. According to the tort law, three theories-strict liability, intentional misconduct or negligence- determine the success of personal injury settlement-in addition, if you are injured or harmed, the one who caused you suffer the losses compensates you.

An example of negligence claim is when a driver fails to exercise reasonable care and injures someone. Negligence goes beyond car accidents and includes medical practice-which has most personal injury lawsuits. Another area of personal injury law- strict liability- holds manufacturers and designers strictly accountable for harms from defective products. Strict liability principles also relate to other parts of personal injury including workplace accidents. Lastly, the area of intentional acts entails claims due to invasion of your lawfully protected interest.

Every personal injury claim is based on two issues-damages and liability. If the defendant is liable for injuries you sustain, the nature and measure of the damages has to be evaluated. You only have to prove damages and liability; you will be awarded a compensation for the loss.

How to know if you have a personal injury case

First, you should suffer an injury. Second, was your harm the effect of someone else’s fault? However, it is not always required to sustain a physical injury to place a personal injury lawsuit. A suit may be based on several nonphysical harms and losses. For instance, in the deliberate tort of assault you do not have to show that someone’s action resulted to the actual physical injury but only that it made an anticipation that some injury would occur to you. You may also take an action a person has assaulted your reputation, infringed your privacy or intentionally or negligently infringed emotional grief upon you.

How to find a qualified personal injury lawyer

Contact the local bar association for recommendations to lawyers dealing with personal harm cases, consult with lawyers you know, or ask friends or co-workers about attorneys they know or have used. Your telephone directory should contain phone number of the local bar association. Luckily, most attorneys offer free consultations, therefore you are able to contact as many as possible. You need to choose a qualified personal injury lawyer who you are confident about and comfortable to handle you lawsuit.

The role of your Stockton personal injury attorney

A personal injury lawyer is well experienced in assessing claims regarding personal injury. Upon contacting a qualified attorney, he/she will tell you whether it is worth pursuing a legal action. Therefore, if you are unlikely to win the case they will help you avoid expenses and time wastage in preparing for litigation.

The hired personal injury attorney works on contingency fees, thus no attorney’s fees if you lose your case. However, you will pay for other expenses other that attorney’s services including doctor’s fees during interviews and reviewing of your records.

Personal injury cases are complex and thus you require professionals to guide you. Personal injury lawyers are experienced in handling complicated legal processes, handling much paperwork, dealing with complex medical terms, as well as negotiating with your insurer. A competent attorney will handle all this for you when you give them your documents pertaining to your injury.

Penney and Associates law firm works with an investigative team who have specialized and professionally evaluate the technical scope of your case. Once you provide them with important details, resolving your claim will be easy.

Stockton personal injury attorneys work with objectivity. In other words, frustration, pain, fear, and anger may affect you in understanding the facts clearly. Individually, you may make a quick decision or ask for an immediate payout, but a qualified attorney will advice you on waiting for a better offer.

Personal injury lawyers are experienced in working with other attorneys. This is important especially in the process of finding facts when both parties need to exchange documents and facts. Other than working with other lawyers, personal injury attorneys are experienced in dealing with insurance companies. They will avoid insurer’s tactic and avoid pressure to agree for a substandard amount.

A personal injury attorney will work for the best settlement. This is especially by offering alternative dispute resolution options and avoiding complicated and lengthy court trials. However, is a court case in necessary, personal injury attorney will perfectly represent you in trial and work for the best jury verdict.

If you are in Stockton, CA, I have some good news for you, Penney and Associates is a law firm that will help place claims for personal injury. For more information, you may reach out to us through our online contact form, or call directly at (800) 616-4529.