Stockton burn injury

Stockton Burn Injury

Most people understand that a fire can inflict burn injuries. Of course, fire isn’t the only way to get burned. Industrial chemicals spills, live electrical wires, and even bursts of radiation can all cause severe burn injuries. A burn injury can happen while cooking a meal at home, or in your garage as you work on your car. Depending on the severity of the burn injury, it can even be life threatening. Treatment of burns can be as simple as using burn cream on the affected area, and waiting out any blisters that form. More traumatic injuries can result in expensive extended hospital stays. Stockton burn injury victims can look to Penney & Associates for representation. Whether your burn injuries happened at a barbecue at Stockton’s Victory Park, or at Windmill Cove during the 4th of July fireworks display, we can help. The cost of medical care for serious burns is high, and it can take an emotional toll on you and your loved ones.

Types of burns

There are four distinct sources of burns:

  • Thermal. A thermal burn can be caused by fires and explosions. Direct contact with hot materials such as metals, glass, or boiling water can also cause thermal burns. It is also possible to receive thermal burns from sunbathing.
  • Chemical. Chemical burns are caused by highly acidic or alkali substances. This type of burn requires additional special treatment, due to potential for the injury to be aggravated by the damaging chemicals.
  • Electrical. These burns are of course caused by electrical sources. A live wire on the street or a faulty wall plug can cause electrical burns. These injuries require evaluation by a medical professional, as the true severity of these injuries can’t be read by appearance alone.
  • Radiological. Such burns often require decontamination, but most people will never be affected by this burn type. However, there is a common type of radiation burn: Skin cancer treatments using radiation can cause burns. This requires a stop in treatment while the affected skin heals, and that can compromise the treatment program.

Regardless of the type, your Stockton burn injury may be the result of negligence by a third party, and you have a right to legal representation!

Burns are measured in Degrees

There are three categories of burn injury that are most commonly used.

  • First Degree. These burns typically result in reddened skin around the affected area. They do not blister. This degree of burn can often be treated at home with few complications, though large first degree burns should still have a doctor inspect them.
  • Second Degree. A second degree burn goes deeper than the surface, causing the skin to thicken and blister. Second degree burns that affect the full thickness of the skin may require skin grafts for proper healing.
  • Third Degree. These burns affect the full thickness of the skin, and can turn its color white. They can also affect deeper tissues beneath the full skin layer.

There is technically a fourth degree of burn, going even further beyond the tissues beneath the skin. They have all the markers of a third degree burn, but they go deeper, affecting bones and tendons.

Second degree and greater burns require treatment by medical professionals.

The affects of a burn injury

Burn injuries can result in extreme pain and suffering for the victim. Long-lasting effects of burns can include:

  • physical scarring
  • loss of sensation due to nerve damage
  • loss of limbs/loss of limb control
  • blindness

If you are a Stockton burn injury victim, contact Penney & Associates for help!

A burn injury is one of the most severe injuries that can happen to a person. They can affect a person for years after the wounds heal. Burns of second degree and greater require medical professionals to properly care for, and the cost of treatment can go beyond what your insurance will provide. Stockton burn injury victims should contact a lawyer if they were caused by a third party. You do not deserve to go bankrupt trying to pay bills for an injury you are not at fault for. A free consultation with Penney & Associates can start you on the road to fair compensation, and peace of mind.

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