Motorcycle accident

Stockton Motorcycle Accident

Riding a motorcycle in California is can be an exciting experience. Few states can compare with its lengthy coastal rides, or the sights and sounds of the valley. Unfortunately, California is one of the most dangerous states for motorcyclists. For riders who survive their accidents, their lives are often changed by crippling injuries and the high cost of medical treatment. Stockton residents are familiar with the devastating auto accidents that have happened on the Crosstown Freeway, but accidents can happen anywhere. A casual ride can come to an abrupt end when an SUV cuts across lanes on the Pacific Levee Bridge. A drunk driver on the two-lane Brookside Road could leave a rider with no safe options to avoid injury.  Insurance companies will try to pay as little as possible to victims; Stockton motorcycle accident victims can turn to Penney & Associates to fight back.

A motorcyclist is at greater risk than a car driver

In 2013, 11,946 motorcyclists were injured in California. 463 riders died that same year.

Motorcyclists are expected to be constantly alert about the road around them. Helmets that completely cover the face can improve your chances of surviving a serious accident. Anti-lock brakes have also been shown to give riders better chances of surviving bad situations on the road. Sadly, awareness and protective equipment aren’t always enough. Motorcycles lack many of the safety features that other vehicles enjoy. A rider is exposed and has has little protection against road obstacles, other cars or even other motorcycles. The slightest impact or loss of control can lead to disaster.

Hazardous road conditions aren’t the only things a motorcyclist need to look out for. Other vehicles on the road often have limited fields of vision. This can make them blind to nearby motorcyclists. A car or SUV merging unaware into a motorcycle is all too common. In heavy traffic a motorcycle is surrounded by hundreds of hazards. Many of these drivers may be unaware that a motorcycle is sharing the road next to them. Because of this, a motorcyclist has to worry about their own driving as well as the driving of those around them.

Sadly, no matter how careful a rider can be, they can’t control the driving of others.

Stockton motorcycle accident victims need aggressive legal representation

Going to court without a lawyer after a Stockton motorcycle accident is stacking the odds against you. Insurance claims adjusters are trained to find any way to reduce your level of compensation. Your healthcare and motorcycle insurance rates could skyrocket. You might be left struggling financially and physically for years.

If you are a Stockton motorcycle accident victim, or have tragically lost family to a motorcycle accident, schedule a free consultation today. Penney & Associates has decades of experience winning accident injury cases. We will fight for a favorable settlement, and we can put you and your loved ones on the road to stability.

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