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Stockton Slip and Fall Accident

Slip and fall accidents are the most common causes of injury at work or home. These accidents account for millions of dollars in insurance claims every year, and they can happen to anyone. A janitor at the Weberstown Mall could slip on an unmarked wet floor. You could be visiting an auto parts store off of East Hammer Lane when a neglected puddle of oil sends you sliding into a display rack. These falls are not always your fault! However, proving who is liable for a slip and fall can be very difficult, especially in a comparative negligence state such as California. If you want a fair settlement, professional legal counsel is your best option. If you or someone you know has suffered a Stockton slip and fall accident, set up a free consultation with Penney & Associates.

What are causes for a slip and fall accident?

There are numerous causes of slip and fall accidents:

  • Slick, wet floors
  • Ice
  • Tripping hazards, such as electric cables or improperly stored equipment
  • Damaged or uneven floors
  • Frayed carpet or door mats
  • Improper footware

There are many other factors that can cause slips and falls. These can determine the outcome of a case and your level of compensation. Age of the victim and their personal history are two key factors. Statistically, older people suffer from more slip and fall accidents on average. An individual who has repeatedly fallen at work or at home could also find their claims challenged.

A Stockton slip and fall accident victim must prove:

  • The owner of the property/event organizer caused the conditions leading to the slip and fall injury.
  • The owner of the property/event organizer knew of the danger, and did nothing to correct the problem or warn the victim.
  • The owner/event organizers should have known about the hazard, and should have taken proper and reasonable steps to correct the problem.

Those held liable for a slip and fall injury will make counterclaims about their actions prior to an accident. They will say that they tried to take every possible step to correct a problem. They may even claim that it was not possible to identify a problem before your slip and fall. These claims will affect what is offered for compensation.

The injuries you sustained will also play a significant role in your level of compensation. Insurance companies will try to prove that an injury is not as debilitating as claimed. They will look into what your doctors have said about your injuries, and they will even look into how your injuries affect your professional and personal life.

Why you need a Stockton slip and fall accident lawyer

Falls are one of the leading causes of workplace injury. These injuries can result in lost wages, and even long-term disability. You could see your career and personal life suffer for years after your slip and fall. These cases can be very difficult to prove full liability in California, and often end in out-of-court settlements. Insurance companies will do everything in their power to limit the size of this settlement, and this can leave you in a financial bind.

You need a lawyer who is thoroughly familiar with California law if you want the best possible settlement. Penney & Associates are known for their success in personal injury cases, with decades of combined experience in all areas of practice. If you are a Stockton slip and fall accident victim, contact us right away to set up a free consultation. With a careful review of the facts of your case, we can help you fight for the fair compensation you deserve.

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