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Stockton Swimming Pool Injury

Swimming for fun or for sport is a popular summer activity. Like many other cities, Stockton, California provides public access swimming pools. The Lincoln Village West Pool and Brooking Park Pool are just two places in the city where a family can go to enjoy water and sun together. Gyms around the city are also equipped with pools that can allow dedicated swimmers a space to train in. As with any physical activity, safety is important. Unfortunately, even the strongest swimmers can find themselves in trouble in the water. According to the CDC, from 2005 to 2014 there were 3,536 drownings annually. Some believe that drownings are the result of the victims failure to recognize hazards, but this is far from the truth. For Stockton swimming pool injury victims, Penney & Associates has experienced attorneys who can help you earn the compensation you deserve.

What can lead to a Stockton swimming pool injury?

Ideally, a swimming pool is properly maintained. If it is a public pool, is should be well staffed and have lifeguards on duty. Any equipment used at the pool should be is good condition, and anything that isn’t in use should be safely stored or blocked off. Diving boards should be monitored to prevent unsafe use.

These things aren’t always in place, and accidents do happen as a result. Possible hazards include:

  • Inadequate lifeguard/adult supervision.
  • Faulty pool equipment.
  • Improperly stored pool equipment, such as lane dividers.
  • Swimming pools that do not meet safety standards.
  • Inadequate protective barriers around the pool.
  • Unsafe diving in shallow water.
  • Drinking alcoholic beverages before swimming.

Any one of these hazards can lead to a variety of injuries. One of these is potentially life-threatening and life-changing: drowning.

What are the effects of drowning?

Drowning is not a slow event. It is a swift and silent killer. Children and adults alike can die within a minute of showing any distress on the water. Because of the nature of drowning, a victim may be unable to call for help even to those merely feet away. This is why lifeguards are expected to be ready to quickly respond to a swimmer in distress.

Drowning is not always lethal if help arrives quickly enough, but there can be serious side-effects. Brain damage caused by a lack of oxygen from drowning will affect a survivor for the rest of their life. If the victim suffering brain damage is the primary income for a family, the financial burden could be unbearable.

Stockton swimming pool injury victims have Penney & Associates on their side!

A drowning can affect victims and their families, and we at Penney & Associates understand how difficult a swimming pool injury can be to recover from. You could be fearful of water for the rest of your life, or physically disabled. A loved one could be dead, a death that could have been prevented. You might suffer from broken bones from an unsafe diving board mishap.

If you or a family member are a Stockton swimming pool injury victim, get all the necessary medical attention you need. When you are ready, do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation. Our personal injury attorneys can review everything about your swimming pool injury, and start you on the road to a fair settlement. If you have lost family to a swimming pool injury or accident, we can help you file a wrongful death claim to those who could be held liable. Penney & Associates is here to help you move forward and get the compensation you deserve.

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