stockton work injury

Stockton Work Injury

There are jobs across many industries in California. Millions of workers labor every day to make this state as great as it is, and without them our economy cannot be as strong as it is. We need farmhands to make the Central Valley the breadbasket that it is. We need drivers to transport freight across the state. We need people in business small and large. Because we need workers, we have laws to protect them in the event they are injured at work. Work injuries can ruin a family’s finances, and leave a worker unable to perform at their job. Employers may try to limit the amount of workers’ compensation received. They may even try to fire an employee for getting hurt in the first place. This is why the laws are in place. Penney & Associates has the experience needed to fight for your rights after a Stockton work injury, and we are ready to fight for your fair settlement.

Your rights after a Stockton work injury

If you get hurt on the job, employers in California are required to pay workers’ compensation benefits regardless of who is liable for the injury. You cannot be legally fired for getting hurt on the job, or for requesting workers’ compensation for injuries caused by your job.

Workers’ compensation can include:

  • Medical care
  • Temporary or permanent disability benefits
  • Supplemental work displacement benefits
  • Death benefits

In most cases, you cannot sue your employer. However, there may be situations where this is an option. You could be allowed to sue a party other than your employer if your case calls for it.

You have the right to medical attention after any work injury, minor or life-threatening. This takes priority over any paperwork you may need to fill out for workers’ compensation. The law also says that you can receive medical attention regardless of whether or not you have insurance.

Further information on workers’ rights in California can be found collected by the Department of Industrial Relations here.

What to do after a Stockton work injury

You should file a report to your employer as soon as possible. You can do this after seeking medical attention for your injury, but you must notify your employer that you are seeking workers’ compensation as soon as possible. This also allows your employer a chance to find alternative work assignments for you if your injuries require it.

Next, you should seek out a personal injury lawyer. Penney & Associates offers free consultation to our clients. This process will involve gathering information from witnesses to your injury, and information from your employer. This is a time-sensitive task and is very important to your case. Make it a priority when your health allows.

The Workers Compensation Appeals Board will determine whether or not your benefits are paid out. This is why it is important to get the information your lawyer asks for. These cases can take years to conclude, so you will want any and all paperwork that is asked for at the ready. It will also help to have copies of all paperwork requested for the case, especially if the case lasts for a long time.

Penney & Associates can protect the rights of Stockton work injury victims

Our law firm is staffed by dedicated, experienced, and aggressive attorneys. We know how important fair compensation can be to an injured workers. We also understand that being able to work in a safe environment is a right that all workers have.

Remember that nobody is immune to accidents at work. They can happen to anyone in any occupation. A receiving dock worker at a discount supermarket off West Hammer Lane could strain their back lifting cargo. A clerk at the Bank of Stockton could trip and fall from unsafe coils of wiring at their desk. An accident can happen at any time, for any reason, and many of them are outside of your control.

Your Stockton work injury could be the result of problems your employer failed to correct. You could have been illegally fired after an injury. Your employer may have tried to intimidate you into not reporting the accident. Remember that you have rights as a worker here in California. Penney & Associates is here to help Stockton work injury victims maintain those rights.

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