Fairfield burn injury

Fairfield Burn Injury

A relaxing evening at your Suisun Valley home can suddenly become a nightmare when a fire tears through it. A fun barbecue with friends at Tabor Park can turn tragic if a child manages to get burned. A burn injury is not an every day concern for most Fairfield residents, but like many accidents and injuries, they can come suddenly, and with very little warning. They can happen at home, at work, or at school. Depending on the severity of the burn, not only must a victim deal with the immediate pain, they could deal with long-lasting, sometimes permanent side-effects. Penney and Associates offers top-quality legal representation to Fairfield burn injury victims. We will fight for a fair settlement, and your peace of mind.

What are some common causes of a Fairfield burn injury?

In the eyes of many people, most obvious cause of burn injuries is fire. A burning home or office building is a dramatic and terrifying thing to see and experience. Californians yearly see footage of wildfires encroaching on outlying suburbs. Violent car crashes have ignited fuel tanks, sending drivers scrambling away from their now burning vehicles.

One of the most common places someone gets burned is in the kitchen. Hot liquids pouring on open skin, or a hand accidentally placed on a stove, is a surprisingly common experience. The kitchen isn’t just dangerous at home, but at work as well. While many restaurants adhere to strict safety laws, all it takes is a single moment of carelessness for a serious accident to happen.

Chemical burns are another type of injury that most people never worry about. Not everyone deals with acids, or other potentially skin-threatening substances. Hazardous chemicals and industrial byproducts must be treated with care. A chemical spill or ruptured container could cause more than some mild skin irritation.

Why do you need an attorney for a burn injury accident?

A Fairfield burn injury could be the result of events outside of anyone’s control. It is very well possible that a store manager did follow every single safety guideline. Every employee was properly trained in the event of a fire, and in how to prevent one with safe practices. A company dealing with hazardous waste will have their transport trucks fully inspected before and after moving these materials, all to ensure that nothing leaks and that nobody will be in danger.

There are times where this is not true. Pyrotechnics set off on stage at small music venues have led to horrible tragedy. Improper handling of chemicals can result in caustic spills. A driver not paying attention on I-80 could crash into a tanker truck. While not every burn injury event is quite so extreme, the negligence of others can cause burn injuries to others anywhere and any time.

Proving negligence in court can be a challenge in California, as we are a comparative negligence state. But it isn’t just the lawyers on the other side, or the letter of the law that you’re up against. Insurance companies will try to find any evidence that limits how much they offer in compensation to burn victims. No matter where the burn injury happened, the victim’s own actions will be focused on. Insurance claims adjusters will look for anything that suggests the victim contributed to the injury. A business owner will say they did everything within reason to prevent your injury.

While you fight this case, you could be going back to the hospital for reconstructive surgery due to your severe burns. Your medical insurance is at its limit. Your income suffers while you recover from the burns, unable to work.

Penney and Associates’ attorneys have taken on personal injury cases for decades. We’ve seen how debilitating severe burns can be to victims. We’ve seen victims deal with being told that they are at fault for their own suffering.

If you’re a Fairfield burn injury victim, or the family of one, contact Penney and Associates for a consultation today. We offer tough and knowledgeable lawyers you can depend on, and we will fight for the compensation you deserve.

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