Fairfield dog bite injury

Fairfield Dog Bite Injury

Dogs are loyal companions that bring joy to the lives of many Fairfield residents. For many dog owners, it is less of a pet, and more of genuine member of the family. Most domestic dogs are friendly, and safe even very young children to be around. We are shocked by headlines of dogs attacking other dogs, and even people walking past their yards. Some attacks only involve a small number of bites and scratches. In the most severe cases they can lead to major disfigurement, and even death. These attacks are blamed often on specific breeds of dog, but the reality is that even the most calm and kind dog can bite their owners or strangers, seemingly without reason. California has strict laws regarding the liabilities of dog owners. The experienced attorneys of Penney and Associates can help Fairfield dog bite injury victims receive fair compensation for their trauma.

Fairfield dog bite injury and dog attack stories in the news

In 2010, three aggressive dogs ran free from their owners. They attacked and maimed two women before all three dogs were shot by neighbors rushing to the victims’ aid. One victim got off comparatively lightly, needing only 30 stitches for her wounds. The other victim suffered crippling injuries requiring hundreds of stitches, and required a hospital stay.

A Fairfield pit bull owner in 2014 had his dog, Zanny, designated a dangerous animal in a city hearing. The owner called the dog a “house pet”, a term his Arlington Circle neighbors strongly disagreed with. Zanny’s history included multiple aggressive charges at other neighbors, and one neighbor claimed two attacks by the same dog.

That same year, an elderly Fairfield resident was attacked by a dog that managed to break through her fence. It was only thanks to an 11-year-old in a nearby home that police were able to rescue the woman before she endured further injuries.

While these stories illustrate Fairfield dog bite injury attacks on neighbors and strangers, aggressive dogs and passive dogs all have a history of biting their owners. Sometimes, these attacks are seemingly random. At other times, these attacks are part of a history of aggression.

Dog bite injuries are a concern nationwide

According to the CDC, almost 5 million people suffer a dog bite injury in the US each year. Over half of these victims are reported to be children. Insurance, medical care costs, and other damages from dog bites approach 1 billion dollars each year.

The growing prevalence of these attacks has prompted multiple states to consider stricter laws regarding owner responsibility in these attacks. California Civil Code section 3342 covers dog bite injuries, stating that the owner can be held liable if their dog bites another person in a public OR private setting. It is a strict liability statute, which means that the owner can be held responsible for the bite regardless of the dog’s past behavior. The owner is responsible for their animal as soon as they assume ownership.

Penney and Associates is ready to assist Fairfield dog bite injury victims!

California has regularly been near or at the top of the US for dog bite attacks and injuries. In 2014 alone, almost $63 million dollars in compensation were paid to dog bite victims.

These shocking and increasingly common events require full legal representation. Multiple insurance claims are often involved, and these companies will do their best to limit how much is paid. It can be a battle just to get the medical bills paid. While you are battling for a fair settlement in court, you are still dealing with the physical and emotional trauma from the attack.

If you’re a Fairfield dog bite injury victim, contact Penney and Associates today for a consultation. Our years of experience have earned fair settlements in other dog bite injury cases. Let our attorneys represent you. Get the compensation, and peace of mind, you deserve.

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