Fairfield slip and fall accident

Fairfield Slip and Fall Accident

Whether at home or at work, a slip and fall accident is one of the most common causes of injury for the average person. Anyone of any age can slip, fall, and hurt themselves. A cook working a shift at the Gateway Courtyard can slip on grease and fall onto the sharp edge of a table. A visitor to the Solano Town Center could slip on a puddle of soda and ice. These accidents can happen even if we are fully aware of our surroundings; they are not always the fault of the victim! However, California is a comparative negligence state. Proving who is liable, and by how much, requires professional legal assistance. Penney and Associates offers free consultations to Fairfield slip and fall accident victims. We can win you the fair settlement you deserve.

The many factors and causes of a Fairfield slip and fall accident

According to the National Floor Safety Institute, age is a major contributing factor to falls at home or at work. Studies also indicate that the victim’s chosen occupation can determine the frequency of fall injury and fatality.

The physical causes of a slip and fall accident varies:

  • Slick floor surfaces –  This includes naturally slippery floor surfaces, or hazards like water, ice, oil and grease.
  • Improper footware – Some shoes are more for appearance than for safety. Worn-out soles can also have limited traction.
  • Tripping hazards – This can be the floor itself, damaged from constant wear and tear. This can also include equipment left lying out of storage, power extension cables, etc.

Slip and fall injuries can range from sprains, shallow cuts and scrapes, to compound bone fractures. Head injuries can mean concussions, and even internal bleeding in the brain. In the absolute worst case scenarios, paralysis and death are possibilities.

What you need to prove in a slip and fall accident case

To prove a facility owner or manager’s liability for a slip and fall injury, you must prove:

  • The facility owner/manager/event organizer knew of the hazard in advance.
  • They knew, and did not take all reasonable appropriate precautions to prevent the accident.
  • The hazard was something they reasonably should have known about, and therefore could have been something to prevent with appropriate action.
  • Any warning signage or placards that could indicate a hazard were or were not present.

Your injuries as well as the circumstances of the slip and fall will be heavily scrutinized not just in court, but by your insurance company. Your claims will be investigated thoroughly, and anything you miss, even by accident, can affect your compensation. Your doctor’s statements will be questioned. Claims adjusters are trained to look for anything that can prompt a reduction in your settlement, and this will include questioning your own actions leading up to the fall. They will ask if you were performing your duties in a safe manner. They will try to determine if you were not paying attention to your surroundings.

Fairfield slip and fall accident victims need legal assistance!

Penney and Associates’ attorneys have decades of experience with personal injury cases. We understand that these cases can take a long to time before any verdict is reached. This can mean months or even years of constant back and forth, in and out of court, before a settlement is finally reached.

We also understand that for our clients, this can be weeks, months, or years of dealing with constant pain from their injuries. Mounting insurance bills, medical bills, the stress from the legal battle itself can take a toll on victims and their families.

If you are a Fairfield slip and fall accident victim, contact us today. We guarantee that upon taking your case, we will aggressively pursue it to completion. Let us help you get the fair compensation you deserve.

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