Irvine burn injury

Irvine Burn Injury

California is no stranger to fire. Years of drought have led to vast fields of dry and dead vegetation, and all it takes is a single spark to start a massive fire. Wildfires are unpredictable in nature, and threaten thousands of homes each year. However, even with recent rains decisively ending 2016’s highly destructive fire season, the threat has not disappeared. Freshly nourished grass in January will be dry and dying in the summer months. Officials fear that this year will see larger wildfires, and more Orange County residents will be in danger. Unfortunately, the risk of an Irvine burn injury is far from limited to wildfires.

Irvine burn injury accident causes

Fires can be the result of an accident. Car crashes could rupture fuel tanks, starting fires that engulf vehicles. Apartment fires, from faulty wiring or a mishap in the kitchen, can rip a home apart in minutes.

As destructive as fires can be, they are far from the only source of burn injury. Spilt hot coffee has led to severe burns, and major cash settlements. Fallen electrical wires can cause severe burns that are difficult to diagnose. Industrial processes result in chemicals that burn clothing and skin.

As much as accidents can lead to an Irvine burn injury, there are other causes, some more sinister.

Negligence can burn

Buildings are designed to follow specific rules and regulations. For example, a restaurant is rated for a maximum number of occupants. This isn’t just for the comfort of guests, it’s a fire safety measure. In the event the restaurant needs to be evacuated quickly, an overflow of guests could result in people being trapped inside, unable to escape through any exit.

Management of a building is expected to follow these and other regulations, otherwise they can be held liable for injuries and deaths that occur.

Sadly, it doesn’t take much effort to look up various nightclub fires that have occurred in the United States and all around the world. Negligent use of pyrotechnics, and unsafe numbers of people inside a closed space have cost many their lives. Survivors of such events must then deal with intense pain as they recover from injuries that may scar them for life.

Laws regulate harmful industrial chemical byproducts. Proper storage and disposal of harmful chemicals protects workers and people living near a building. Modern water filtration systems limit potential threats to a city’s water supply, but these can be overwhelmed. Neglecting water treatment systems, or a failure at the facility level, can leave a water supply tainted. In the worst cases chemicals allowed into your water may cause serious burn injury, and other medical complications.

Penney & Associates can help Irvine burn injury victims

Burn injuries can happen at any time. You could be driving home from work on the I-5, or enjoying a barbecue at Northwood Community Park. You cheer as a musician’s stage show opens with a barrage of fireworks. Accidents happen. Negligence happens.

If you are involved in an Irvine burn injury accident, contact Penney & Associates. Insurance companies will try to limit your compensation. People who may be responsible for your injuries will do everything in their power to claim they did everything possible to keep you safe. They may even try to say that you are at fault.

Burn injuries can be life-changing events for all involved, and medical treatment can leave you bankrupt. By setting up a free consultation with Penney & Associates, our lawyers can start fighting for the settlement, and peace of mind, you and your family deserve.

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