Irvine motorcycle accident

Irvine Motorcycle Accident

Orange County is located near a wide variety scenic roads, perfect for motorcycle enthusiasts to ride through. The Pacific Coast Highway extends through the county, a ride that is considered a major destination for motorcyclists around the world. And minutes away from Irvine is Loma Ridge road, a regular ride for local motorcycle owners passing next to Limestone Canyon Regional Park. The chance for a relaxing trip through beautiful scenery is what motivates many riders. The rewards for many outweigh the risks. Unfortunately, accidents happen. Serious injury or death are major possibilities in any Irvine motorcycle accident.

All it takes is a brief search of news headlines to see how lethal motorcycle accidents can be. Riders are often blamed for their accidents, accused of reckless driving between lanes, of passing too close to cars on the road. We at Penney and Associates know that motorcyclists are not always at fault in their accidents. We have successfully represented riders in court and have earned them fair compensation. We are ready to assist any Irvine motorcycle accident victim, and start the process of getting them a just settlement.

Motorcycles riders at risk

Over ten thousand riders are hurt in accidents in California each year. Many of these injuries are serious, leading to extended hospital visits. Injured riders have lost limbs, affecting the rest of their lives. Even comparatively minor injuries can take weeks to recover from. In many motorcycle accidents, the bike is also lost, an additional financial cost on top of the medical bills.

While the rider’s own actions can factor into any accident, the reality is that there are many things not in their control.

Motorcycles inherently provide less protection to riders than cars do to drivers. The safest rider can still sustain life-changing injuries if they are unlucky. Even the best protective clothes and helmets can only do so much.

The other major risk is other vehicles on the road. Motorcycles are small, easy to miss in rear-view mirrors, easily blocked by other vehicles. A single careless lane change can result in a large SUV crashing into a motorcycle before the rider has time to react. Other major risks for motorcycles include the conditions of the road itself. Debris that would inconvenience most cars or trucks suddenly become very lethal to a motorcyclist. Another risk factor is the bike itself. Improper maintenance, or faulty parts can cause an accident entirely out of the rider’s hands.

The reality is, no matter how careful riders are, there is no way control all the risks. And the consequences are frequently lethal.

Irvine motorcycle accident victims can turn to Penney and Associates

We understand how crippling these accidents can truly be, and we know that there are many factors that can cause them. If you’re an accident victim, you face financially devastating medical bills. Your insurance company may try to limit your compensation. The other driver or rider involved in your accident may not even have insurance themselves!

Decades of legal experience with personal injury cases makes Penney and Associates the best choice for any Irvine motorcycle accident. Contact us today for a consultation, and start the process of getting the settlement you and your family deserve.

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