Irvine slip and fall accident

Irvine Slip and Fall Accident

Slip and fall injuries are responsible for millions of dollars in insurance claims every year. These accidents can happen in the comfort of our own homes, and they can happen at work. There are ways to prevent such accidents from occurring, but they still do happen despite the best efforts. Irvine slip and fall accident victims can contact Penney and Associates for experienced, highly qualified legal representation in court.

Consequences of a slip and fall injury

For workers, a fall on the job can cost them days or weeks of pay. It may even cost their the job entirely, if the injury is severe enough. A firefighter battling the latest wildfires encroaching on Irvine can slip on loose dirt. A customer might slip on a wet tile floor at a Barranca Parkway shopping center. The causes of these accidents are vast and varied.

The worst injuries from a slip and fall can be life-threatening. Severe blows to the head can cause brain damage. Elderly victims can fracture bones more easily. Certain complications with a fractured pelvis have even resulted in death. Even if the the injury does not lead to death, recovery can be costly and lengthy in extreme cases.

Who is at fault for an Irvine slip and fall accident?

The circumstances behind a slip and fall can be complex, and there are many ways to determine who is ultimately at fault. California is a comparative negligence state. This means that victims have to prove, in court, that they did not contribute to the accident. They also have to prove:

  • The property owner/event organizer is the cause of conditions that led to the slip and fall injury.
  • They knew of the danger, and did nothing to correct it.
  • They knew of the danger, and did not warn the victim.
  • The hazard was something the property owner/manager/event organizer should have known about, and  have taken proper and reasonable steps to correct.

All of these factors contribute to how much compensation a victim can expect to receive.

Irvine Slip and Fall accident victims need legal representation!

Slip and fall injuries are a leading cause of lost time at work. Because of this, employers will do everything in their power to limit compensation, and to limit their level of liability for the accident. For the injured victims, proving the fault of an employer or a store manager for the fall can be challenging. There could be a limited number of witnesses, or none at all. And throughout this process, that victim could still be struggling to recover from their injuries, physically and financially. They could be left unable to work, unable to maintain financial security.

Penney and Associates understands the law, and has decades of experience dealing with personal injury lawsuits. We know that the victims we represent face an uphill battle. If you have experienced an Irvine slip and fall accident, contact us right away for a free consultation. It could be the first step towards winning a fair settlement, for you and your family.

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