Irvine swimming pool injury

Irvine Swimming Pool Injury

Summers in Irvine are perfect excuse for relaxing in a pool. Whether it’s the one in your backyard, or the Woollett Aquatics Center’s public pool, we all try our best to get out of the heat. And swimming isn’t limited to the summer; indoor and outdoor pools see regular use year-round for exercise and competition training. However, swimming is like any sport or exercise: injuries can happen in and around the pool. The CDC reported an average of 3,536 drownings a year, from 2005 to 2014. Drowning isn’t the only possible swimming accident. In all of these cases, the victim may not be wholly responsible for the situation. Irvine swimming pool injury sufferers and their families can turn to Penney and Associates for legal advice and representation.

Preventing the causes of a swimming pool injury

Owners of a swimming pool can be held responsible for injuries and accidents that happen at their facility, if it can be proven that they are somehow directly responsible for the conditions leading to the accident. Public pools in particular are expected to be well maintained. Equipment that isn’t in use is to be properly stored away, to remove tripping hazards. Diving boards, ladders, and anything used in and around the pool should be safe for use and maintenance. And most importantly for public pools, trained lifeguards should be present and actively supervising the pool.

When maintenance and equipment are neglected, when supervision is lacking, accidents can happen. A faulty diving board can cause serious injury. A lane divider left where people will be walking is a tripping hazard.

One of the worst swimming pool accidents is drowning. It is a swift and almost entirely silent killer. A swimmer in extreme distress may be unable to call for assistance to those only feet away. Within a minute, a drowning victim could be underwater, and dying. Lifeguards are trained to spot the signs of a drowning, and respond accordingly. However, a lone lifeguard may miss these signs at a busy public pool.

It is important to remember that any Irvine swimming pool injury is preventable. Maintenance, care, and supervision can make any pool safe.

Irvine swimming pool injury victims need legal representation!

Penney and Associates has helped personal injury victims reaching fair settlements in court for decades. We understand that swimming pool accidents are complex, and that the victims or their families suffer well after the accident itself. Drowning survivors could suffer from PTSD and brain damage. Bones can be broken. The medical costs can stack up, and insurance claims adjusters will try to limit the pay out. Pool owners and managers might even try to claim that the victim’s own behavior was the greater cause of the accident.

If you’re an Irvine swimming pool injury victim, or are family of one, contact Penney and Associates for a consultation today. We can earn you the settlement you need to move on from this traumatic event.

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