Irvine work injury

Irvine Work Injury

Being hurt on the job is a risk Californians face every single day, in almost every possible occupation. For most, the risk is only that: a possibility of sustaining an injury, not one that doesn’t come to pass. However, people do get hurt on the clock. An Irvine work injury could happen to office workers in any one of the Michelson Drive offices, either from lifting computer monitors, or from trying to change out water jugs at a dispenser. A worker at a Strawberry Farm Road field can sprain or break an ankle in a slip and fall accident.

It is fact that work injuries are responsible for significant costs in running a business. The employer themselves loses a worker while they recover from their accident. The worker potentially faces large medical bills, and depending on their employer they could be left struggling economically even with workers compensation. There are laws that protect the rights of injured workers, but that isn’t always enough. Victims of an Irvine work injury can turn to Penney and Associates for help.

California law protects Irvine work injury victims

Work injury sufferers in California benefit from some of the most protective laws in the country. These laws ensure workers compensation for those who are hurt on the clock. They also ensure that you cannot be fired for getting hurt on the job, or for requesting compensation for injuries sustained while on the job. You have a right to medical attention for injuries on the job, no matter how severe. It may not be withheld for paperwork or procedure, and it may not be withheld over a lack of insurance.

Workers compensation may cover medical care, and benefits for temporary and permanent disability caused by the injury. In some cases, it also includes the employer shifting you to a different position while you recover from your injury. In the most tragic circumstances where death is involved, employers can pay compensation to the victim’s family.

Are there limits to California’s legal protections?

Yes. In most cases, you may not be allowed to sue the employer for your Irvine work injury. There are some circumstances where you do have the legal right to sue. In other cases, suing an outside company or individuals connected to the work injury can be possible.

California is a comparative negligence state. This inherently limits how much compensation can be expected in any work case. The legal requirements of comparative negligence mean that the victim and the employer will have their conduct examined. Employers are expected to do everything within reason to maintain safe working facilities. This does not mean there are legal protections for reckless employee conduct.

The California Department of Industrial Relations has organized information on employee’s legal rights and limitations in the event of a work injury.

Personal injury lawyers from Penney and Associates can help!

While the law guarantees certain rights to Irvine work injury victims and their families, the law alone is not always enough. Full compensation can be delayed in court as the employer argues its limited culpability. While you struggle to recover from your injuries, lawyers and insurance claims adjusters will try to limit the settlement by citing your own conduct leading up to the injury. Personal injury cases can drag on for months and even years.

If you have suffered an Irvine work injury, you deserve legal representation that is tough, aggressive, and thorough. Penney and Associates have decades of successful personal injury cases under their belt. We understand the pain and suffering that a work injury can result in. We know the uncertainty that comes with repeated doctor’s visits, and the strain that physical therapy can bring.

Contact us today for a free consultation. Let us fight for the fair compensation you and your family deserve.

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