Marysville dog bite injury

Marysville Dog Bite Injury

Dogs are as much a part of a family as a child, an older brother, a father or a mother. Few people like to believe a member of their family could hurt someone else for seemingly no reason at all. Dogs are no exception. The sad truth is that a dog can lash out an injure even those we think they are familiar with. It could be that the dog was scared, or acting in defense of others. It could be the result of abuse. Whatever the cause, a Marysville dog bite injury can potentially be a very complex case, one that drags on for week, and even months after the wounds heal. Penney and Associates is here to help dog bite victims win the fair settlement they deserve.

How could a Marysville dog bite injury happen?

You could be visiting Ellis Lake Park, when suddenly a dog owner loses control of their pet. You try to help them catch their dog, who then bites you multiple times for seemingly no reason. Or imagine a dog attacking a teenager as they walk home from Marysville High School, charging out from a front yard where the owner was allowing them to play unsupervised.

Most dog owners keep control of their pets. They make sure they have their shots, they feed them regularly, and treat them right. And of course there are dog owners who abuse their pets, or purposefully breed them for aggression. The reality is that any dog can bite, and even a family pet could seemingly lash out with little or no warning.

In January 2016, tragedy struck a Yuba County family as their three pit bulls attacked and killed the 9-year-old younger brother of the dog’ owner. More recently, in June 2017 two pit bulls attacked four people, in Linda, California. One of the victims was the owner of one of the dogs.

A personal injury attorney can help you after a dog bite injury!

According to the CDC, almost five million Americans suffer dog bites each year. They can be small bites from small dogs, injuries that heal relatively fast. And then there are the horrific injuries caused by Pit Bulls, severe lacerations, disfigurement. In the worst of those cases, death is the ultimate consequence of a dog attack.

A Marysville dog bite injury could result in multiple insurance claims being files, claims that are often challenged in court. You could spend weeks, even months in recovery. Your injuries could require multiple surgeries to correct, and you may be left with permanent nerve damage. Worse yet, the dog’s owner could claim that the dog was acting in self-defense, which could slow down progress on your claims. It may even result in reduced compensation.

Penney and Associates has helped dog bite victims all over California. We know just how traumatizing these attacks can be, and how hard the road to recovery has been for our clients. If you have experienced a Marysville dog bite injury, or are related to a victim, contact Penney and Associates as soon as possible for a free consultation! We are prepared to fight for a fair settlement for you and your loved ones.

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