Marysville Slip and Fall Accident

Marysville Slip and Fall Accident

We typically think of ourselves safe at home. However, half of all deaths at home are the result of a simple slip and fall accident. Whether it’s in the kitchen, or stepping out of the bath tub, people of all ages can be seriously hurt or killed in a fall at home. Particularly of great risk are the elderly, for whom a fall can result in considerably worse injuries. But these accidents are the leading causes of workers compensation claims, and are also a threat to customers visiting any venue you could think of. A Marysville slip and fall accident can happen anywhere and any time, even when we think we’re being attentive to our surroundings.

An elderly Marysville man was hurt while visiting a local market. A group of youths vandalizing the market tossed a bottle of cooking oil on the floor. The 64-year-old Air Force veteran slipped on this oil, and required hospital care for a potential fractured elbow.

No matter how it happens, a Marysville slip and fall accident can lead to serious life-threatening injury. You may be entitled to compensation after such an accident; Penney and Associates is here to help.

Who is responsible for a Marysville slip and fall accident?

Property owners and business managers oftentimes try to shift the blame from themselves or their employees onto the victim… even if there is evidence that shows otherwise.

In reality, and according to the law, property owners and business managers are expected to make reasonable effort to prevent a slip and fall accident. Whether that involves training on handling potentially dangerous materials, or having staff put up signs that a floor is slippery while wet, there are certain expectations that must be met.

If a business or an employer did not make a reasonable effort to ensure a safe environment on the property, they can be held liable for a slip and fall injury or death.

Why get a lawyer after a slip and fall injury?

It’s true that accidents happen. It’s also possible to avoid accidents if a business or your employer makes a reasonable effort to keep the place safe. Their negligence could result in more than just a serious injury and a hefty hospital bill; slip and fall accidents are one of the most common causes of death while at work. You could be out of work for weeks while recovering for your accident. And if you die, your family is left in emotional and possibly financial distress.

Penney and Associates offers free consultations to personal injury victims. A face-to-face with one of our experienced attorneys will let us determine the facts about your case. We’ll explain what your options are, and help you organize any information you may need to gather. With decades of experience and success, you are in capable hands with a Penney and Associates attorney! Call us today to set up a consultation, and learn how we can help you win a fair settlement.

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