Marysville swimming pool injury

Marysville Swimming Pool Injury

Whether it’s in one of many private swimming pools, or the Gauche Aquatic Park in neighboring Yuba City, the water is one way people stay cool during Marysville’s hot summers. Most people consider a backyard swimming pool safe. Public pools have lifeguards to protect swimmers. Unfortunately, there are still hazards that can lead to a very serious Marysville swimming pool injury, and worse. While there is some amount of personal responsibility when we go swimming, there are times where the pool owner or operator may have neglected critical maintenance, or provided inadequate protection for pool users.

If you’ve experienced a Marysville swimming pool injury, or are related to a victim, you could be entitled to compensation! Penney and Associates can help you prepare for your case, and our experienced attorneys know what it takes to win a fair settlement!

What are potential causes of a Marysville swimming pool injury?

Inadequate maintenance of pool facilities and equipment can lead to devastating consequences. Tripping over uneven pavement or improperly stored lane dividers may result in minor cuts and scrapes, or you could see broken bones.

However, while there is much potential for injury before you enter the water, the greatest danger is drowning. Roughly ten Americans die every day from drowning. Twenty percent of drowning victims are 14 and younger, generally inexperienced swimmers who may not fully understand their limits. Drowning is a swift and silent killer, and most people do not have the training a lifeguard does to recognize the signs of drowning. Without lifeguard supervision, someone could drown within two minutes, and nobody may even see or hear it happen until it is too late.

While lifeguards are expected at public venues, the safety at a private pool is ultimately the responsibility of the pool owner. Private pools are expected to have fencing that prevents young children from accessing the pool unsupervised. Despite this, many drowning victims are toddlers who manage to slip into the pool unnoticed, sometimes with adult supervision close at hand. A drowning can happen that quickly.

Penney and Associates can help you get the compensation you deserve!

After a Marysville swimming pool injury, you may have a lot of questions as to why it happened. Was there adequate supervision? Was a fence left unlocked, allowing easy access for children? Did a piece of pool equipment fail, equipment that should have been properly stored or maintained?

You could be dealing with serious physical injuries after a swimming pool injury. In the case of a drowning, a survivor may experience permanent brain damage, a life-changing injury.

For decades, Penney and Associates has helped clients throughout California deal with the pain and suffering caused by swimming pool injuries. We know what it is like to have your injuries, your pain and suffering, blamed entirely on your own actions. We have seen insurance claims adjusters try to limit the compensation insurers pay to their clients.

Marysville swimming pool injury victims deserve representation from attorneys who are smart, tough, and are willing to fight hard in court for a fair settlement. Penney and Associates is your best bet. With a free personal injury consultation, we can help establish the facts of your case, explain your options, and if need be we will be at your side in court to fight for your claims. Call us today, and find out how we can help you.

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