Fred Penney Explains The Keys To Business Success

Thinking outside the box has been Fred Penney’s staple of success within the legal industry. Whether it’s building race cars, hosting a nationwide radio show, or owning a Phenom 300 Jet airplane, Penney has done it with style and panache, and a cool swagger – not arrogant, but assured, and always one step ahead of his industry peers. Over the years, Penney has grown his law firm and his name. Penney is a true entrepreneur, investing in a wide array of businesses and new ventures. Perhaps the best example of this is Radio Law Talk, Penney’s nationally syndicated law talk radio described as “entertaining, informative, and sometimes informative.”

Frederick Penney, founding partner of Penney and Associates, recently talked with International Business Times about his law firm and business ventures. Click here to read the rest of the article now. 




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