Fred Penney Shares His Experiences as a Business Innovator

Frederick Penney, founder of Penney & Associates, recently spoke with the Entrepreneur Podcast about his experience building an accomplished law firm. He discusses his humble beginnings, working on his family’s farm with his brothers growing up, and what those formative years taught him about hard work and dedication. Fred Penney eventually went to law school, opening his own law firm shortly afterward. Today, Penney & Associates is one of the most successful personal injury firms in the region. Listen in as Fred describes how he did it and what it takes to not only become successful, but sustain that success.

Frederick Penney, founding partner of Penney and Associates, discusses how he built a successful business and what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Click here to listen to the podcast now.

Fred Penney Shares His Secrets and Experiences as a Business Innovator and Pioneer

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