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*Please remember that this information will be kept 100% confidential. No information will be submitted or released to any individual or business except Penney and Associates and its affiliates. Please be aware, however, that the firm does not accept all matters referred to it, and that no attorney-client relationship will be created simply because a message was sent to us. "Pay Nothing unless we collect" only applies to personal injury cases.

Red Bluff is the Tehama County seat in California. Originally established as Covertsburg, in 1854 the town would be marked on maps as Red Bluffs. As the rush of settlers brought people to local mines, Red Bluff grew, and in 1876 the city was incorporated. Today, Red Bluff is a city of over 14,000 Californian residents, known for holding one of the largest rodeos on the west coast. Penney and Associates is proud to provide expert legal counsel to the citizens of Red Bluff. Contact us today if you require experienced legal representation!

If you need a personal injury lawyer, Penney and Associates is the right call to make!

Accidents happen, at work, on the way to and from work, and at home. They can happen even after we take every reasonable precaution. They can happen due to negligence, by other drivers on the road, by co-workers, or by those in positions of authority. And you, a victim, are entitled to compensation.

Unfortunately, your personal injury claims will be contested in court. Supervisors will claim that your injuries are actually your fault. Other drivers will claim that you are why the accident happened. Shop owners will claim that warning signs were in place. While you recover from your injuries, while you struggle to pay medical bills, struggle to return to work, your conduct and your actions will be questioned.

And then there is the paperwork. The time limits to make workers' compensation claims, the time limits to claim damages after an auto accident. It can be a confusing and bewildering experience. Fortunately, this is what Penney and Associates specializes in. Bringing decades of Personal Injury law knowledge and experience, the attorneys of this law firm have represented victims and their families all throughout California. We have a proven track record of success, and stand ready to help the citizens of Red Bluff. Whether it's a car accident on the way to the Kelly Griggs House Museum, a slip and fall at a local restaurant, or a near-drowning at a public pool, Penney and Associates is ready to help you win the compensation you deserve.

About Penney and Associates

Fred Penney earned a B.A. in Philosophy in 1988 at Brigham Young University. He then would earn his J.D. degree in 1991 from the Reuben Clark Law School. After gaining admission  to the California State Bar in 1992, Mr. Penney would begin a successful career as a lawyer, and would go on to found Penney and Associates.

To this day, Penney and Associates offers comprehensive Personal Injury case assistance. From consultations to court appearances, P&A has garnered an impressive track record of success in the court room. We specialize in a wide variety of Personal Injury cases across all of California. Auto accidents, work place injuries, dog bites, slips and falls all fall under our expertise. Additionally, we are part of a growing effort to confront the threat of Legionnaires' Disease throughout the United States, holding facility owners accountable for allowing this otherwise-preventable disease to spread.