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Sacramento Dog Bite Injury

The Reality of Sacramento Dog Bite Injuries
The state of California has laws that are categorized as strict liability when it comes to a Sacramento dog bite injury. These statutes hold the dog owner entirely responsible for any person or another animal who experiences a bite or injury from their dog. A dog owner may have a legal defense if the victim was trespassing on their property or their dog was provoked by another dog and more. It’s also a consideration when a person is performing a service involving a dog. A dog bite victim does not have to prove the dog owner was negligent to win a civil case.

dog bite fangsCriminal Liability
There are situations where a dog owner may face criminal as well as a possible civil liability as a result of a Sacramento dog bite injury. Should criminal charges be filed against a dog owner, the victim could still file a civil lawsuit against the dog owner. Criminal dog bite laws in California apply to dogs that are determined to be vicious or dangerous. A vicious or dangerous dog is one that has behaved aggressively. This behavior has caused people to defend themselves against the dog on a minimum of two separate incidents within the previous three years. A vicious or dangerous dog is one that has not been provoked but has bitten or injured a person or domestic animal two times within the previous three years. These incidents must have occurred when the dog was away from the dog owner’s property.

There is an exception to this California statute. It involves a Sacramento dog bite injury that results from a dog performing military or police work. In this situation, a dog bite victim is usually not able to sue for damages. This covers if the dog bite victim was lawfully in a private or public setting. This also applies to a situation where an injury to a person results from a dog’s bite and not from scratching or jumping on the victim. In certain situations, individuals injured by a dog who did not bite them may be able to file a civil lawsuit.

Dog Breeds
There are a number of different dog breeds that can be found at places like the Lynn Robie Dog Park on Freeport Blvd. A study was conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) concerning dog bite attacks for two decades. The study showed that half of all deaths resulting from dog attacks were done by dogs that were of the pit bull and Rottweiler breed. The study also showed other breeds involved with fatal dog bites were Husky-type, German Shepherds, Doberman, Great Danes and others. The study was unable to include mixed breed dogs as determining their breeds was too difficult.

After Dog Attack
A Sacramento Dog Bite Injury could happen at any place such as the North Natomas Regional Dog Park on Market Drive. Should a person be the victim of a dog attack, they should take pictures of the wounds, see a doctor and document any injury or treatment. Report the incident to a local animal control agency. If the attack caused serious injuries, an attorney should also be consulted.

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