Sacramento Motorcycle Accident

Sacramento Motorcycle Accident

Through no fault of your own, you have been victimized in a Sacramento Motorcycle Accident. You have been injured. You are missing work. You are in pain. And the bills are piling up.

A motorcycle accident can have a devastating impact on you and your family. If you want your interests represented, you want the best doctors, physical therapists, mechanics and insurers. But sometimes that simply is not enough. You may not be getting the personal satisfaction and relief you expect. This is why you want to contact a Sacramento motorcycle accident attorney. This is a party that will represent your interests both in and out of the courthouse.

The goal is to partner with a legal entity that understands the law, the courts, the roads and your rights. Drivers behind the wheel of cars are infamous for absently ignoring the rules of the road when it comes to motorcycles. Riders have the same rights as anyone else, but are often cut off or not given right-of-way when they deserve it. It is not unusual for bikers to be forced off the road when drivers make turns without looking carefully. Bikers have run into the back of trucks that suddenly stopped with no warning. They have been launched into the air when drivers assume they can cross an intersection safely and run head on into a motorcycle.

While helmets add a level of safety, there are still tragic repercussions. Head and back injuries are among the most serious injuries. Traumatic brain injuries, even with a helmet, range from concussions to cognitive problems. There can be damage to the spinal cord, reduced sensation in the limbs or paralysis. Herniated disks are common. Blunt force trauma can result in collapsed lungs or broken ribs. Emergency workers have seen patients with heart problems go into cardiac arrest after a Sacramento motorcycle accident. The fatality rate for riders is significantly greater than individuals in passenger vehicles.

If you are in a serious Sacramento motorcycle accident, get immediate medical attention to make sure you are okay. Sometimes, the results of the accident may not be immediate. Victims have rode off thinking they were not hurt and later collapsed due to internal bleeding or damage to internal organs.

It has been said if you ride a motorcycle, you are looking to be in an accident. It may be why some drivers show little regard for riders. But the fact remains riders have the same rights as anyone behind the wheel of a car or truck.

If you have been injured in a Sacramento motorcycle accident or someone you know has, a seasoned motorcycle accident lawyer can litigate on your behalf. They will see that those who have violated your rights are held responsible and get you the financial compensation you deserve to cover medical expenses, lost wages, therapy and for emotional suffering. Let them deal with antagonistic insurers who are doing their best to dodge responsibility. Put your interests in the hands of an experienced Sacramento motorcycle accident lawyer.

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