Chico Slip and Fall Accident

Sacramento Slip and Fall Accident

If you reside in or visit Sacramento, California, you will find the area is a melting pot of professionals who may gravitate toward the affairs of the state capital and people in the business of agriculture. The influence of these two contrasting parts of the area’s population has gradually created a busy yet relaxed, charming region that offers several excellent museums and a considerable list of venues for dining. To get acquainted with Sacramento, don’t miss out on visiting the California State Capitol, the Crocker Art Museum, the Kitchen Restaurant or the Tank House BBQ and Bar. Just like almost any other area of California or the United States, Sacramento is often the location for frequent slip and fall accidents. A slip and fall accident occurs where the owner of a property creates a dangerous condition that causes a guest on the property to trip or slip and fall and to injure himself or herself. There are quite a few Sacramento slip and fall accident cases throughout the metropolitan area each year.

slipandfallaccidentIt can be helpful to understand what a Sacramento slip and fall accident case might look like. It is quite common, for example, for customers in a retail store to come upon a dangerous condition on the floor of a store without warning. Due to that condition they may lose their footing, causing a fall and injury. These accidents can involve any kind of loss of balance or footing on the surface of the floor due to the presence of a slippery substance, such as water or oil, or due to an obstruction in the walking path of the accident victim. People often trip, for example, on frayed rugs and carpets, causing them to fall by accident. Additional very common examples of dangerous conditions that could cause a Sacramento slip and fall include the presence of ice or electrical cords on the floor and in the path of people walking nearby.

What to do if you have been involved in a Sacramento Slip and Fall Accident

People who are victims of slip and fall accidents sustain many kinds of injuries. Some can be very minor and some are extremely serious and potentially permanent. The most minor injuries involve torn ligaments and tendons, otherwise known as “soft tissue” injuries. Some of the most serious injuries include brain damage caused by the head striking the ground after a fall, neck and back injuries caused by a slipped disc from the fall, or a broken hip, which most frequently happens to the elderly when they fall. It is interesting to note that elderly people are frequently involved in Sacramento slip and fall accident cases.

Unfortunately for slip and fall accident victims, their cases can be challenging to win from a legal perspective. Often such cases turn on the amount of physical evidence that is available to prove that the property owner was negligent and that this negligence was the cause of the accident victim’s injury. Lastly, the injured party will be required to prove that he or she incurred damages as a result of the accident.

Given the complexity and difficulty of presenting a winning Sacramento slip and fall accident case, it is imperative to hire a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer to advocate for your rights. Hire a slip and fall accident lawyer to handle your case and to obtain the compensation you to which your are entitled.

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