Sacramento Work Injury

Important Things to Know About a Sacramento Work Injury
When everyday-people go to work, they can experience any number of preventable accidents. Many of these accidents result in minor injuries. There are also times when a Sacramento work injury can be very serious. It can cause a person’s inability to work and months of recovery. There could be extensive medical treatment as well as rehabilitation due to the injury.

Reporting a Work Related Injury
In the state of California, the worker’s compensation system has two parts involved with reporting a Sacramento work injury. They include informing an employer about the injury, as well as submitting a completed workers’ compensation claim form. An employer needs to be notified of an injury within 30 days the occurrence. Should an injury develop over time, it needs to be reported 30 days from the date a worker became temporarily disabled. This is usually when a physician recommends a person not continue working and contact the California Worker’s Compensation Claim office in Sacramento.

Slip and fall accidents can happen when you least expect.

Medical Benefits
A Sacramento work injury that occurs on the job could require medical attention. Workers’ compensation benefits include medical benefits that will cover all medical and hospital treatments necessary to relieve a condition caused by an injury. This coverage will extend to reimbursement for transportation to and from a physician’s office and more. Should an employer not offer a Medical Provider Network, they have the right to send an injured employee to a physician of their choosing for the initial 30 days of treatment. Should an employer deny that an employee was injured at work, they won’t be responsible for medical care. This will change if a court determines the injury did occur during a worker’s performance on the job for an employer.

Temporary Disability
It’s possible for a worker to experience an injury that will leave them unable to work for more than three days. When this happens, a work injury has resulted in a person having a temporary disability. Workers compensation provides benefits for this. A worker will be paid two-thirds of their average weekly earnings. This benefit will only last 24 months. It will end at this time even if an employee is unable to return to work.

Permanent Disability
A work-related injury can result in a permanent impairment. When this happens, a worker will be eligible for a workers’ compensation Permanent Disability benefit. A complex formula is used to determine the amount a person is paid when a Sacramento work injury causes a permanent disability. The value of the disability will be put into a percentage. This will increase or decrease based on a person’s age and occupation. Should a person be determined to be one hundred percent disabled, they could be paid at the temporary disability rate for the rest of their life.

Vocational Rehabilitation
A person who has experienced an injury at work may not be able to return to their previous vocation. Under California workers’ compensation, they may be eligible to receive vocational rehabilitation. The amount provided is determined by the level of a disability that results from a Sacramento work injury. It’s possible to learn more about this from the California Department of Rehabilitation located at 721 Capitol Mall in Sacramento.

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