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3558 Round Barn Blvd, Suite 200
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

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*Please remember that this information will be kept 100% confidential. No information will be submitted or released to any individual or business except Penney and Associates and its affiliates. Please be aware, however, that the firm does not accept all matters referred to it, and that no attorney-client relationship will be created simply because a message was sent to us. "Pay Nothing unless we collect" only applies to personal injury cases.

Officially incorporated in 1868, Santa Rosa has become known as "The City Designed For Living" and "California's Conucopia". The city presses into the future, but is also known for its preservation of the past. Commercial buildings that survived the 1906 earthquake, and numerous historical residential neighborhoods are known local attractions. Santa Rosa is also known for its connection to nature and local wildlife. The city borders the Trione Annadel State Park, which itself stretches out to the Sonoma Valley and the Sonoma Mountains. Nearly 170,000 Californians make their home in the Sonoma County Seat.

A personal injury lawyer can be your greatest ally in court!

The average person doesn't go through their days expecting, or even wanting to hire a personal injury lawyer. However, despite our best intentions, accidents happen even if we are as cautious as possible. You could be trying to park at the Santa Rosa Plaza when a reckless driver t-bones your car. A walk along Matanzas Creek is suddenly interrupted when a dog owner loses control of their aggressive pit bull. Accidents and injuries happen, and you may be entitled to fair compensation after such events.

Unfortunately, it isn't always a simple matter of getting the financial settlement you deserve after an accident. You could be lucky in that the other car driver in the t-bone accident doesn't try to contest the claim. They might be properly insured, and you get a much-deserved settlement. And then there's the possibility that they lawyer up themselves. They claim that your actions contributed more to your injuries than theirs. They may even try to outright lie about your conduct, claiming that you were the one driving recklessly even if evidence suggests otherwise. The insurer may even seek to limit your compensation.

It's situations like this where trying to fight the case without professional assistance is difficult, and that is why you want to hire a skilled personal injury lawyer. Penney and Associates is here to help! We are proud to be able to serve the citizens of Santa Rosa.

For years, Penney and Associates has helped clients across all of California win the fair compensation they deserve after a personal injury. Whether it's a car accident, a dog bite injury, or a slip and fall accident that is the result of negligence, we can help! We will help establish the facts of your case through consultations. We'll organize the information you have, tell you what you need, and get you fully prepared for your day in court!

A personal injury case can be the most stressful time of your life, but there's no need to go it alone! Contact Penney and Associates today, and let us help you win your case!

About Penney and Associates

Born February 23, 1963, Fred Penney passed his exam to join the California State Bar in 1992. In 1988, Mr. Penney completed a B.A. degree in Philosophy from Brigham Young University. He then was admitted to the J. Reuben Clark Law School, and in 1991 he would earn a  J.D. degree. He is founder of Penney and Associates.

Penney and Associates provides comprehensive assistance with Personal Injury cases, including automobile accidents, burn injuries, and other injuries that could be the result of negligence. The firm has a successful track record of bringing clients the compensation their injuries deserve. In recent years, Penney and Associates has been at the forefront of Legionnaires' disease cases in California.