Santa Clara bus accident

Santa Clara Bus Accident

For the city of Santa Clara, and indeed all of Santa Clara County, buses are a part the daily commute. Many people find it more convenient to ride the bus to and from work, rather than deal with morning traffic in their own vehicle. And then there’s the cost of gas, which can gouge a good chunk out of your pocket book each week. The bus is one of the more accessible public transit options available to Santa Clara residents. Unfortunately, it isn’t always the safe option. Between dangerous road conditions, exhausted and reckless drivers, and other vehicles on the road, a Santa Clara bus accident can be absolutely devastating.

Penney and Associates is ready to help all Santa Clara bus accident victims win the compensation they deserve. We have decades of personal injury law experience, and we want to assist you through these traumatic accidents.

What could cause a Santa Clara bus accident?

What is especially tragic about these accidents is that many times, the victims have no control over what is happening. Even with safety belts, the people aboard the bus can sustain severe injuries after a rollover. A bus that is out of control can involve dozens of other vehicles in an accident. And of course, there’s always the other drivers on the road to consider. A bus can only react so quickly to sudden changes in road and traffic conditions.

One of the key factors in any bus accident is the driver of the bus. There is an ongoing epidemic in the bus and truck driving industries: fatigue. Large vehicle drivers often work anywhere from 10 to 12 hours in a shift, driving long distances. Sometimes, they are desperate enough for more pay that they feel forced to take on multiple jobs to stay financially secure.

What does this mean for passengers? A driver that is underpaid and exausted. No amount of coffee can guarantee alertness in the face of being sleep deprived. And a tired driver, no matter how experienced and skilled, will be less prepared to react in an emergency. And the results could be very tragic.

Get the best legal assistance available!

For decades, Penney and Associates attorneys have been representing clients in personal injury cases. We’ve successfully won fair settlements for bus accidents, burn injuries, and all other manner of personal injury accidents.

You need legal assistance for a Santa Clara bus accident because your injury claims will be contested strongly in court. A bus operator will have its safety record challenged, and the drivers themselves will also have their own representation. Not only that, if the bus accident was the result of other vehicle drivers, or due to unsafe road conditions, your own injury claims will face adjustment. It can take months, even years for a full investigation to be concluded about a bus accident. During that time, you will be dealing with hospital bills, insurance bills, lost time at work. If you die in such an accident, it’s your family that will be left to deal with the aftermath.

Contact Penney and Associates today if you or a family member are the victim of a Santa Clara bus accident. With a free consultation, we can go over the facts of your case, and fully explain your options. Don’t delay! Get the best legal aid you can. Get Penney and Associates on your side.

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