Santa Clara Slip and Fall Accident

Santa Clara Slip and Fall Accident

The comfort of our own home is where most slip and fall accidents happen. A fall at home or at work may not be immediately fatal, but complications can arise. As we age, what seems like a minor slip and fall to a person in their prime could be immediately life-threatening to the elderly. And of course, the risk factors for these injuries exist anywhere we go. No matter how it happens, Penney and Associates is ready to help Santa Clara slip and fall accident victims win their day in court!

Accidents just happen. You could be visiting the Sunnyvale Golfland with the family when you slip on a puddle of soda. A shopping trip to the 99 Ranch Market at Milpitas Square could be interrupted after slipping in the produce section. Sometimes, an accident really is just an accident. The spill was clearly marked, but water from clean-up somehow drained beyond the sign, leaving a hazard nobody could reasonably foresee.

There are times where negligence is a factor, and you will absolutely want a lawyer.


California is a comparative negligence state

Comparative negligence is a partial legal defense. What it does is limit the damages that can be awarded to victim, based on who is at fault for an incident, and how much their actions contributed to the accident. If a victim of a Santa Clara slip and fall accident is proven to have been even somewhat responsible for their injury, their claims can be challenged, and compensation can be greatly reduced.

What this means is that you will want to go over every single fact surrounding your case. Were there warning signs to heed? Did you conduct yourself in a safe or otherwise normal fashion? Did your employer or facility owner take all reasonable actions to limit the possibility of a slip and fall? Were other people involved? Were they negligent and possibly committed actions that led to your injury?


What you need to prove in a slip and fall accident case:

  • Did the property owner/employer/event manager contribute directly to making the conditions that led to the slip and fall?
  • Was the property owner aware of the dangers and fail to even attempt correcting them?
  • Was the danger on the property something that the victim should have been warned about, either by management, the staff, or the event organizer?
  • Could the hazard be considered something that the owner/employer/event manager needed to be aware of? If so, could they have taken steps to ensure the accident did not occur?


If you’re a Santa Clara slip and fall accident victim, call Penney and Associates today!

For decades, the attorneys at Penney and Associates have been practicing personal injury law. We know what our clients are up against, and what they must prove in court in order to win their settlement. Whether you were injured after slipping on oil, or if improperly maintained equipment caused unsafe conditions, we’ve got you covered.

Because so much needs to be investigated and proven in a slip and fall case, you want an experienced attorney on your side. These cases can take months or years before a verdict or settlement is reached. You will be up against individuals or companies who stand to lose a lot of money they don’t want to lose. They will do everything they can to try and pin the fault of your injuries entirely on you.

And while the case is being fought, you might still be dealing with life-changing injuries. In the worse cases, you may be unable to work ever again. You could have lost your job, while also dealing with extensive hospital bills. If your slip and fall proved fatal, the burden may be placed entirely on your family.

Penney and Associates knows what you’re up against. More importantly, we have a history of success. Don’t allow negligent employers and property owners to get away with what they’ve done. Santa Clara slip and fall accident victims deserve fair compensation, and we are ready to fight at your side for it. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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