rocklin Bus Accident

Chico Bus Accident

Few traumas upset families as much as a Chico bus accident. Any mishap involving public transportation distresses people, since society maintains high safety expectations for this form of travel. The prospect of suffering a significant loss as a result of undertaking a bus ride seems unthinkable to many people. Yet, unfortunately, accidents involving buses do occur from time to time. When this type of event strikes your household, consider consulting with the experienced legal team at Penney & Associates.

Whether you suffer a Chico bus accident traveling along a major thoroughfare through Chico, such as Ivy Street, outside of the city on State Route 99 as you travel towards Oroville or on SR 32 heading towards Orland, you may benefit by retaining knowledgeable legal representation to fully protect your rights! Bus passengers injured during transit should file an accident report with the Butte County Sheriff’s Department quickly in order to document any travel mishaps.

Another wise precaution to take following a bus accident involves listing all of the details of the event in writing. This memo will help you remember important facts which may impact your case later:

  • Record the date and time of your departure
  • List the approximate time when an accident occurred
  • Write down the name of the bus driver and the number of the bus
  • Record the license plate numbers of any vehicles involved in the accident
  • If you have access to the information, jot down the license numbers of involved drivers

Passengers seeking to recover from losses sustained during a Chico bus accident or an Oroville bus accident should appreciate that establishing the facts of the underlying event remains very important. Even if you sustained harm, you cannot recover damages without proving that the bus accident caused your injuries. For this reason, you’ll want to take steps to document the events thoroughly.

Experts strongly recommend that you refrain from signing any papers presented to you after a bus accident until you’ve had the opportunity to discuss these documents with your attorney. Also, you may want to refrain from making recorded statements about the accident immediately afterwards while you feel confused. Discuss your case in detail with your attorney first. Someone else could misinterpret remarks given in the heat of the moment.

Passengers and drivers involved in bus accidents also need to make certain they obtain prompt medical attention for any injuries sustained during the mishap. By seeking the assistance of a physician or other qualified health care provider, you’ll receive quick, responsible treatment for any physical injuries you sustained. Taking this step benefits your health. It may also enhance your ability to document events later if the matter proceeds to court. Following an accident involving public transportation, questions sometimes arise about whether or not a physical injury occurred as a result of the accident. Visiting a licensed health care provider immediately after a bus accident helps to document any injuries more effectively.

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