Fairfield car accident

Fairfield Car Accident

A car is a necessity in a city as spread out as Fairfield. While options like FAST exist, a bus is not always the fastest or most convenient way for many people to get across town. If you have a sudden emergency, and need to be somewhere immediately, personal transportation is the way to go. It isn’t always the safest. Recent Fairfield car accident victims can attest to that much.

Californians are involved in thousands of car accidents each year. A significant portion of these accidents require hospitalization for the victims. Some victims are able to fully recover from their injuries, but others will suffer for years after the accident, possibly for the remainder of their lives. And in the worst cases, a family must shoulder the burden of a lost son, daughter, father or mother. Getting fair compensation after a car accident requires experienced lawyers. Fairfield car accident victims can turn to Penney and Associates attorneys for legal assistance.

What can cause a Fairfield car accident?

Cars are inherently dangerous. Thousands of pounds of solid metal, plastic, and glass, traveling at speed can do a lot of damage in an instant. Without proper care, a car can develop serious problems. Failed brakes can lead to an unavoidable accident, bad headlights makes seeing at night more difficult.

Another major factor is drivers. An impaired driver, either by drugs or alcohol, will be slower to respond to events on the road. An impatient or reckless driver will be going over the speed limit; an accident on Air Base Parkway at Travis Air Force Base involved two men racing at 105 mph before a fatal accident claimed another driver.

A third major factor is the road itself. Recent rainstorms in California have highlighted the sudden ways road conditions can quickly become dangerous. After period without rain, a storm can turn all the dried oils on the asphalt into slick surfaces. If enough water collects on the ground, a car traveling at speed over them will hydroplane, resulting in partial or total loss of control. At night, if lighting is poor, a driver could be blind to road hazards, or even other drivers on the road.

Why you need a Fairfield car accident lawyer

Car accident victims sometimes hesitate to contact a lawyer, particularly if the accident doesn’t appear to be serious. Sometimes, nobody appears to be injured from a ‘light’ tap on the rear bumper. It might even be obvious who was at fault for the accident, and some drivers feel content to let their insurance handle it.

But it is not always so simple. That ‘minor’ bump to the rear bumper could cause head and neck injuries that do not show themselves immediately. Insurance companies will try to limit how much they compensate you. Claims adjusters will do their best to say your vehicle can still be repaired ‘within reasonable costs’. They may even question the nature of your injuries.

The other driver involved in your accident may not even be insured, which can further complicate matters for your insurer. And if you don’t have the right sort of coverage, you could find yourself in financial hot water. On top of all this, you have medical expenses. Days or weeks out of work while you recover. Combine all this with a potential court case on your hands, and your life can be seriously disrupted.

The personal injury attorneys at Penney and Associates are able to help Fairfield car accident victims through their court cases. With decades of experience, and complete knowledge of California’s driving laws, we offer comprehensive legal representation. We understand how important it is to our clients to get the fairest settlement possible, for them and their families. Contact us today, and get on the road to the peace of mind you deserve.

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